Pikin way go spoil, go spoil!

Pikin way go spoil, go spoil!

Hey hey heeey…



“I do not believe in God.”

What would you do if your Child said this to you?

Slap. Beat. Knock. Shout. Cry. Condemn. Walkout. Pray.

I think a lot of things will go through your mind at that moment. Even now, you’re probably saying- ‘God forbid!’ But this is the reality that many families face. Parents that are believers and Children that are not.

A friend and I talked about this for sometime last week and we also talked about it at the office. That’s when the phrase- ‘Pikin way go spoil, go spoil’  came up. (It means ‘The child that will be wayward, will be wayward’). I was one of the many who agreed with that statement and I used myself as an example.

I started to gist colleagues about how I was brought up in a Christian home, but still went off for a while. At that point, it was no longer my Parents responsibility to make sure I was a good girl. It was mine. (Do you agree?)

(Is it  possible to be good as an unbeliever?)

One of us then pointed out that I could not use myself as an example because I was only one out of billions of people. He added that the problem with thinking and believing that ‘pikin way go spoil, go spoil‘ is that you might not train your Child the best way. You might relax and not instill morals as you ought to, because- pikin way go spoil, go spoil.

(Do you agree with him?)

I think everyone has the responsibility to train themselves beyond what their parents have done. That’s probably what people who turned out great, in-spite of bad parenting did. They took it upon themselves to learn and keep good morals. But this isn’t even the focus of this post.

Let’s ponder on this question- ‘Who is the centre of your home?’

I’ve noticed how parents expect Children to automatically turn out great, without making Jesus the focus of their home. The only time many hear about Christ is at Church and hardly see Him- through the actions and inaction of their parents. Many families do not have family altars, where they pray and share the word. And many that do, share how God does not want Children doing a lot of things, without adding why.

My point is that the love of Jesus is missing in many homes. That’s why it is easy for Children to have different identities when they are not home. When they understand the love of Jesus early, especially from how their parents relate with them and each other, it will be harder for them to ‘spoil.’

I understand that people who grew up in true Christian homes often lose their way. But I do understand that most of them come back to Christ. He was much better than what they got in the world.

How are you protecting your family?

I am not only asking you as a parent, I am asking you as a family member. You belong to a family (biologically or not), and there must be a Jesus culture there.

There is a government that is the most powerful in the world and it’s the family. Sadly, people focus more on political governments.

If you allow a Child steal and lie in your home; how do you expect that Child to change once they get into politics?

A Child carries the policies and laws of the family with him everywhere. (Including the individual training each person gives themselves). That Child should influence the family policies of other people as political governments do.

In development, we are taught that many Countries give aid so that their policies can be adopted by the recipient country. A child that is not patriotic enough might allow other people influence his family policies, but we all have the responsibility to instill good policies in Children in the first place.

When a Child becomes an Atheist or disowns God, let it not be because you as a member never tried. Only God captures hearts, but we can capture pure hearts as soon as they are born. (Even before sef.) Have you seen Children that love Jesus? You’d be amazed at how seriously they take His matter, they don’t joke.

And their faith? Unwavering!

Let’s see the family as a government. When we see it as such, we will be intentional about the morals we pass down to the younger ones. You can’t force God on people, but you can definitely show them how much you love Him and how He makes your life glow from the inside out.

We need to be deliberate about families. Better families = Better societies and countries.


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