My Value Is Not In The Type Of Phone I Use

My Value Is Not In The Type Of Phone I Use

Hey hey hey!!!

Been a while I said ‘hey, hey, heyy.’ Lol. A friend said ‘hey, hey, hey’ behind me over the weekend and I smiled and looked back because I immediately knew she was trying to get my attention.

Moving on; I had the best weekend yet and was so filled with the word that I literally felt full after every session. My church had Word Conference over the weekend with Pastor Chingtok and I sincerely bless that man from my heart. I can say that I changed in 3 days.

This morning, I woke and didn’t really feel like praying or spending time with God.

But as I stayed on the bed; all I said was “how can I ignore Jesus who loves me so much”; so, I went to Him not out of religion, but out of sheer awe and love. Gosh, you guys, Jesus loves you! He loves you so much that the day you realize it is the day your life will change forever! I even started praying with my sis last night (and will make it a culture before we sleep) because I know God wants us to begin to pray prayers of agreement for our family and others.

Please, click here to get the messages from the conference. If your heart is open to listen and receive it; you’ll never be the same.

To today’s gist about my value not being in the type of phone I use. So, I’ve been using my current phone for 3-4 years now. Truthfully, the phone has tried. Lol.

I’ve been meaning to change it for a while. I thought I’ll have gotten a Samsung S8 by Christmas because I thought my elder sis will be able to get it for me, while she pays for it monthly. But that didn’t happen and even now, I don’t know when I’ll be able to get a new one.

We’re currently saving for rent and know that God has sorted that out already; but it will not be wise to take out of what is saved for rent to buy a phone.

My colleagues often make jokes about my phone. LOL. So, yesterday, they found out the keypad has issues and my boss said I must change it this month. LOL. I just keep laughing. I told him I couldn’t yet because I can’t afford to and as they made jokes; I searched my heart for any form of sadness or envy and couldn’t find any.

That’s why I can say again, that God helped me a lot this past weekend. I was even laughing harder than them. When my boss said my phone tells that I don’t value myself because it takes me twice to do things other people can do with their phones. I immediately said my value does not come from my phone and I meant it.

The Bolaji of before will probably be agitated by now; really trying to get money for a new phone. But yesterday I remembered that God sent me 50k for a phone while in school; I did not pay a dime. Another student like me found out my phone was bad and paid for a new one; without any thing attached. Not a day did he ‘toast’ me.

See ehn, God is too mindful of us and any time we worry, we show that we’ve not come into total trust in His sovereignty.

My value is not in the type of Phone I use. I know my colleagues don’t make the jokes out of spite; but I am also grateful that God has helped me to live above worry during this season.

Whatever you’re worrying about, I have only one solution: Go to the Word, let it become your life’s agenda to follow and obey Jesus. After then can you say that your value does not come from material things and truly mean it.

Place God above all else; and even if you’re worried about something; take it to God and let Him handle your fears and unbelief.

He’s a fantastic husband and dad.

For the LORD God is our sun and our shield. He gives us grace and glory. The LORD will withhold no good thing from those who do what is right.

Psalm 84:11


Love and light,






  • Bolutito

    Omg, this is sooo true. I say it constantly. I remember when my sister wanted to buy the latest version of a phone and she wanted to get one for me too,but I thought she could save the money because her phone wasn’t bad.I told her that one’s value doesn’t come from the phone one uses, she was so angry with me but she got my point. Later she got the phone for me and when people start whining me about my phone, I tell them immediately that my value doesn’t come from my phone. Thank you Bolaji for this Post❤️.

    • Thank you so much for sharing your experience!
      I didn’t know how much power this post had oh. I am now even so proud of my bad phone. Lol, I am unashamed to pick calls or bring it out in public.
      I am glad that you’ve come to a place where your value is in the Lord and not your type of phone!

      God bless!!!

  • Naomi

    Thank you so much for this!! I used to hide my phone before because everyone around me seemed to have the latest phones and my phone looked embarrassing. At a point, I realised my phone didn’t determine who I was. So the way I treat my phone now ehnnn, you would think it was factory made just for me. Thanks because my value isn’t based on the kind of phone I use. God bless you.

    • Amazing!
      I just remembered one time in the University when my phone spoilt and I had to use ‘palasa’. The ringtone was so loud, many people knew me in the library because of it. lol!
      And God provided for another one. He will provide again.
      Until then, we use our phones like they’re factory made for us (after all, they are!)
      God bless you and thanks for reading

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