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(Note to self: Write immediately I get to work, if not, I might be too occupied to do so later).

I woke early today and first went to brush my teeth because I couldn’t stand my own breath! I didn’t want to go to God opening my mouth…LOL!

I woke with a grateful heart because I used up my prayer journal yesterday night. It made me so thankful to God that I had documented names over time. I’ll take time to read through one day and see how God worked in the lives of those I prayed for. I take it as such a privilege to be able to intercede for others and actually know that God hears.

Anyway, I left home and sat beside a Secondary School student on the back seat of a bus. First, Holy Spirit nudged me to pay his T-fare and I wanted to protest, but as I said in this post, I’m learning radical obedience. After that, I waited for the conductor to collect his money from everyone and after fighting fear and laughing at myself for opening and closing my mouth, I finally said ‘Good morning’ out loud.

Once I hear myself say, ‘Good morning’, I know that faith beat fear.

I shared what I knew God wanted me to share that we need to seek God for Himself and not just His hand. I remember using a Father-Son relationship to illustrate how it’s unfair to ignore our earthly fathers and only go to them when we need stuff. I knew someone was listening, especially the young boy beside me.

Just before we got to the boy’s bus stop, the bus stopped and because I was done preaching and praying, I asked the boy if there was anything he wanted me to pray with him about. What he shared showed me why God had asked me to pay his T-fare as a small way of comfort.

His young cousin died last week so he wanted prayers of comfort and that God will see him through life and that he will be able to achieve his dreams. I was able to pray shortly with him and then the bus started moving again. The conductor was starting to get upset so he had to alight.

I was so full as I walked to work. I felt like I was walking on clouds because God has used me to sow a seed. It might have been because of that boy alone that I entered that bus;  I am grateful to be God’s rep.

I now purposely target the back seat of Lagos buses; so that everyone will be able to hear me clearly.

Because God has been instructing me to share about Jesus in buses, I now see the back seat as my pulpit and by God’s grace, I will stand tall on it so that more people can know about the saving grace of God.

There’s so much I learned from my day; but my number one lesson is that you never know what the next person is going through. As I prayed alone with the school boy, I sensed other passengers staring at us and I am glad. Why? Because they get to see the lady who Jesus saved; they get to see that I’m just a lady with a mighty God, they get to see that I don’t have to look a certain way to serve God, they get to see my imperfections, they get to see Jesus.

Yet preaching the Good News is not something I can boast about. I am compelled by God to do it. How terrible for me if I didn’t preach the Good News!

1 Corinthians 9:16

I don’t know why evangelism has become so important to me. I’ve been studying 1-3 John and I’m learning that love is not what I have always thought. Love for God is obedience; therefore, I lie if I say I love God and consistently disobey Him.

I’m just grateful really. I might not always be this bold, I might not always be crazy enough to pray with someone in a Lagos bus; but I am grateful for today.

I am grateful that Jesus came into my life, destroyed my plans and put me on His path. I’m grateful.

Love and light,




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