My #145 (Naira) Story.

My #145 (Naira) Story.

I was coming home the next day using a flight for the first time in my life. I naturally am very scared of heights (I pray silently in elevators) and I was really scared of the thought of flying alone without any familiar face, but that’s not really what this story is about. It’s about how God can make #145 enough for you or me to get where we need to.

I school in Ghana so I basically did not have naira with me except 2 notes of #50, 2 notes of #20 and 1 note of #5.  The other #5 was torn so it’s out of this story. I started to worry. I’ve said before that sometimes I feel I have been anointed to worry but God is helping me.

I asked my eldest sister to send #1000 to me because I was broke and so that I could withdraw it at the Airport since that will be enough to get me home. We don’t have a driver and the airport is too far from home, so my dad couldn’t come and get me. It was me and God alone. She said she was broke too and wasn’t sending anything to me (I don’t know why I believed her sef, because if my sisters have to borrow to send me something they know I really need, they would).

Anyways, I started crying in my room even as I had my Bible and books in front of me for my quiet time. As I was crying, I could clearly hear the Holy Spirit say “Why not pray about it?” more than once. So, I stopped my pity party and just told God how I felt and that He should help me the next day when I arrived at the airport.

I immediately felt peace after I prayed and let it go.

Travel day came and I was at the airport with my roommate before time, and everything went as planned. Before I entered the plane.
Honestly, I almost begged the Oyinbo that sat by me to hold my hand! One time I was evaluating why I was scared of death and told God I haven’t done what He sent me to do here o, so I wasn’t ready to meet the physical Him yet.
In summary, the experience was scary and one time it was like something was sparking in the plane, but we arrived safely and early. Normally, I use ABC bus and I get to Lagos earliest 11pm.

You’re probably thinking why I’m not ashamed to share my first flight experience; well I’m just not.

I practically used all the ATM’s at the airport. None worked. No Ecobank card was working in any ATM including their own and I later got tired of trying and carried my load out of the place. Time to see how God will work.
Now I know those ATM machines didn’t work because He wanted me to know without any iota of doubt that He was going to help me.

Different taxi men approached me as I walked out and said they’d make the price cheap for me. I didn’t really answer anyone of them and I know I didn’t because God needed me to be where He wanted me at a particular time. If I had stopped to talk with one of them, I wouldn’t have walked side by side with the man that finally asked me where I was going. I said Ikorodu and He said He lived there but wasn’t going there at that moment, but could take me to Oshodi to make it easy for me. When he brought the car I knew he was either using his Oga’s (boss’s) car or …..
Anyways, I put my small box at the back seat and sat in the front passengers seat, used sitbelt (always use your sitbelt!) and we moved. Although, I asked him before entering if he’d collect money, He said whatever I had was fine.

See, this man took me past Oshodi, waited in traffic as we moved on to look for a working ATM. Ecobank itself was far but this man parked, waited till I used the bridge to the bank and didn’t drive off with my box. Till I came back to tell him Ecobank didn’t have network so it wouldn’t work anywhere. I explained how I didn’t have anything on me except my #145 which I would use to get to Fadeyi to collect money from my sister who stays there with a friend.
He drove me back to Oshodi as I thanked him and prayed that God will bless him. He parked his car and didn’t leave me to cross to the other side on my own.
If you know Oshodi, then you know that you have to sprint to the other side if you don’t want bus to jam (hit) you. He carried my box and sprinted with me to the other side, then watched as I entered a bus to Fadeyi.

He didn’t call me fine girl, didn’t ask for my number and didn’t get any money.

God used him to help me. That was simply it, because if I had used the money I had from the Airport to Oshodi; I wouldn’t have had enough to get to Fadeyi. I would have been stranded.
Thank God I prayed about it. Thank God I have a God who cares about me even in little things.

It might see irrelevant or silly to someone, but I like to see God in everything that happens to me.

Maybe you’re like me who worries about things, I’d like to encourage you and ask you as the Holy Spirit asked me-“Why not pray about it?”
My friend, we have a God who can make #145 enough to get us anywhere we need to be!

He’s that awesome!

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Love, Bolaji.


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