Message recommendation: Steven Furtick’s Marry or Burn!

Message recommendation: Steven Furtick’s Marry or Burn!

Hey hey hey!

I don’t think I have heard the ‘no sex before marriage’ like this before.

My roommate said TD Jakes is her best preacher and just when I was about to say ‘I don’t think I have one…”, I remembered Steven Furtick. I don’t know if it is how I can relate with his messages, or how truthful, unconventional and practical he is or just how ‘not-so-much-like-a-preacher‘ he is; all I know is that I love the man and his messages always bless me.



Marry or Burn is not only a timely message for married people but especially for singles. He used an easy illustration to explain why sex before marriage is dangerous and doesn’t say it in a condemning tone either. The truth is that the canal mind will watch this and still not get what he is saying, so my prayer is that God will open our eyes and make us understand why sex is meant for our partners in marriage, no where else!



People have tried and tried to explain why sex is acceptable before marriage, but the one (God) who orchestrated sex knows better. You can’t know a thing better than the manufacturer.

Today, many people will rather claim the blessings in the Bible than agree that we all should be celibate before marriage.

I was not planning to make this post this long and I hope you watch the message and get many lessons and revelations. Pray before watching it…

Love always,




  • Oluwatosin

    I checked out the message. It actually blessed me,thank you for the information
    . This is very much necessary now, direct your passion to the right channel wherein it won’t get burned out. Also liked the fact that, it was practical. I believe we need more of that. It’s not enough to identify problems but much more the analytical pathway by which the problems can be solved.

    • Wow! This really encouraged me because I wasn’t sure that anyone was using the recommendations.
      I’m glad the message blessed you like it blessed me. Plus, I agree with you on the practicality of the message.
      No need to shame anyone, we all just need to know the truth…

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