Message recommendation: Serita Jakes ‘Call me back.’

Message recommendation: Serita Jakes ‘Call me back.’

Hey hey hey!

I thought of you today and how I have been a bit stingy with materials that help me. Okay, I share resources a lot with friends but thought to start sharing with the e-family here too.

I normally listen to messages, read books/articles, watch shows, e.t.c that help me in one way or the other and I know these can help you too.

Today’s recommendation is a message by Serita Jakes titled ‘Call me back’. It was timely for me and will be of help to you, especially if you’ve been feeling unworthy or spiritually dry lately.


I downloaded it from Youtube. Downloading videos for offline viewing from Youtube has been great for me, I now have over 30 offline Youtube messages. The good part is that you can still download if you don’t have a lot of space on your phone because the videos do not save on your phone but on Youtube itself.


‘Call me back’ is a charge by Serita Jakes to us all that Jesus is calling us. It doesn’t matter what we have done or been through, it does not even matter what people think or say about us, Jesus is calling us back to Him…

Love always,


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