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How are you doing o?
See ehn, I’ve been telling friends and even my mum that I’m now tired of school. I’ve been getting good advice on how it mostly feels like this when one is close to graduation. The most important thing though, is that I must enjoy these days and be grateful for every single one of them! I’m not going to lose sight of the beautiful things happening around me because my body is itching to finish school. It’d enjoy my days!


Today’s post is one I did not know I was going to be write about, but here we are! Especially because Eziaha (pls & pls, go and read every post on her blog!) wrote something that spoke volumes to me.
Let me gist you about what’s been happening lately.
Everyone around me has started preparing for masters! LOL!

Honestly, it’s funny to me as I write it sef. We are in level 300 o, and many people have started preparing for masters and scholarship. Though, that isn’t a bad thing at all!
What I consider to be bad is if you’re among those people worrying about masters when you know (without an iota of doubt) that God has not asked you to do it. At least, not now (or ever actually.)

I’m not one to leave God out of anything I do. So if I’m asked whether I’d do a masters or not, I simply reply “If God wants me to.” Though I already know it’s not likely.
You see, all of us in life have been cut out for very different things in this world. And the least thing I want to spend my time doing is to compare myself to others or feel not good enough because I’m examining myself with other people’s standards.
One night not too long ago, my roommate and I talked about this same topic and I told her how I felt. She thought it was better to ‘develop’ myself and then I replied that Pastor Sam, as ‘developed’ as he is, does not have a masters!
Please, do not think that this post is bashing those who want to do masters. At all! I encourage you to look into it if that’s what God has asked you to do.

However, apart from the masters or no masters talk; is there any other way that people have tried to push their calling on you?
Yes, sometimes people think everyone else must hear exactly the same things they hear from God. God has called you to be a Pastor, so I must be one too?

Or, God has called me to be a doctor, so all my children must hear the same thing from God!
See ehn, we must always take time to ask GOD what He wants us to be doing at every given time.

I am more than convinced that I might never ever do a masters in my life. I will develop myself in every single way I can, but it just might not be with a masters. And I do not feel the least bit sad about that. It’s not like I like school that much.
One more thing I want to remind you is that God is more than masters and PHD o. Some people way don become ‘Dr’ still dey house dey look for job.
When God is involved, even your secondary school leaving certificate can make you a CEO! The lady whose post I read a day after my discussion with my roomie had a job with the UN before the birth of her handsome baby, and she didn’t have Masters.


So, please people, what really is our argument?
Do not let other people’s path in life become yours. Go to God in prayer and let Him tell you what YOU are supposed to be doing. Then run with that and live it like there’s not tomorrow!


That’s it people.
I promise that I’m not angry, though this post seems somehow like a venting one. I’m just tired of people trying to shove stuff down my throat sometimes. I’m imperfectly perfect and that’s ok!

The most important thing is walking the path God has called you to. Do not begin to look at things people are getting into if you were not asked by God to do same.

I’ve learned that God works in mysterious ways o. Moses was a stammerer and he practically led a whole Nation with God’s help.

We all have individual paths in life, follow yours!
You should be ok with your imperfectly perfect self as well! No time!

Have a blessed day.
Plenty plenty love!


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