PraiseLetter 25 – Like filth…

PraiseLetter 25 – Like filth…

Good Friday Morning!


You’re doing great right? I do hope so!


There are many surprises in this month, just watch out for them (cuz some will come in disguise o). God is coming through for us in Jesus name. Amen.


I made a mental note that I was going to wear that dress on Friday.
I had ironed it a week before, but left it out and didn’t wear it.
I ironed it the next week and was determined to wear it.
I bought it 4 years ago, but it was still good as new.
Then I put it on…
I put it on that morning…
And I immediately felt like filth.


No wonder I had been putting it off mentally for so long.
No wonder I kept taking it everywhere but ignored it.
No wonder I always passed by it in the wardrobe.
All these years, I did not realize that I had not forgiven myself.


After looking at myself in the mirror, I still looked good in it.
Ferociously, I put it off of me and almost tore it in the process.
I had worn it 4 years ago to a club,
And I had worn it alone…
Even then, I knew it was way too short, but I wore it.
And I obviously did not go to preach a sermon at that club.


What I did not know was that after so long,
The dress could still make me feel like filth.
After drinking from the everlasting cup of forgiveness…
The devil still made me feel like filth…


That was all I could think about all day.
Why couldn’t I wear the dress (top actually)?
Why was I so ashamed of myself?
Why did I feel like filth?
Then God said, that’s the devil!


Since you’ve come to me, you’ve been washed clean.
Made whole.
Since you’ve come to me, you’ve been forgiven of all your past.
Become my daughter.
But Bolaji, you haven’t forgiven yourself.
You’re making yourself feel like filth,
When I have called you to blossom!


Then I said, ‘Yes Lord, I want to blossom!’
I am no longer filth.
I am in your image.
I am clean.
So, the next week, I did something outrageous!
Thank you Jesus, for turning us from filth to gold!


I have been meaning to share this with you for a while now. In fact, God has slowly been setting me up to share parts of me that I don’t want to. I guess this is the beginning…
I horridly put off a dress I had worn for my prom, because I remembered I wore it without leggings that day and had gone to the club.
I  hadn’t forgiven myself and I only realized it when I wore it again.
I mean, this was sometime last month o. Not so long ago.
Then it made me wonder, how many of us still beat ourselves up for our past?
I may look or seem perfect, but my past isn’t. That’s why not having sex doesn’t necessarily make one pure.
But God has called me to blossom, and I can’t keep beating myself up for my past.
You can’t keep doing same.
Maybe you also have a dress (it might be something else in your case) that you’ve not been able to wear because you’ve not fully forgiven yourself…
My dear, talk to God! And then shame the devil by wearing that dress appropriately; in fact, wear some make-up too!
We have been forgiven, let’s forgive our past too!


Have an amazing weekend ahead.
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God bless you!
Love always,


  • Yes!! Yes!! Yes!!
    I can comment! Thank you for switching things on the blog..looks beautiful and now, yes! I can comment!

    Babes, the thing with condemnation is terrible and satan is good at it… I faced a little of it this week and have been in a mini blue phase..all cuz satan even started using it to attack my identity.. but thank God for His word to me..He says He loves me wholly.completely. totally!
    I’m choosing to bask in that love in which no condemnation lives and have fun even as I revel in Him also…

    Love you babe

    • Yaaay! Yes, you can comment now! Lol

      I tell you, that thing can be so somehow! You’d just be there beating yourself up and accepting lies from the devil, then God as always reminds us that we’ve been cleansed and made whole through Him! Staying & basking in that unconditional love is the answer to staying out of guilt and condemnation. I’m def choosing to bask in His love too sis! Shame the devil some more!

      Love you!

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