Hey hey hey

I remember the very first night I got into Ghana with my mum.

I remember the food we ate when we got to my friend’s room (a friend who had been schooling here before me).

I remember the next day, how we went to look for hostel for me.

I remember how they said they couldn’t let me in because I was Nigerian and will be notorious.

I remember how my mum assured them that I’m a ‘different Nigerian’. Lol.

I remember connecting with two other Nigerians in that same hostel. One became my closest friend who I lived with for my 4 years.

I remember I got saved months later in the very room I slept that first night with my mum.

I don’t remember much about level 200.

But I remember that when we moved into our apartment, I couldn’t afford a bed.

I remember sleeping on the floor for like a semester. Thank God for the big blanket I got in Secondary School! I later got a bed.

I remember level 300 was the hardest and it felt like I’ll be unable to complete my studies.

I remember crying a lot. A lot.

I remember the beginning of final year and now it is over. What a wow!

I remember Matthew 6:33 that says But seek first the kingdom of God and his righteousness, and all these things will be added to you. Therefore do not be anxious about tomorrow, for tomorrow will be anxious for itself. Sufficient for the day is its own trouble.
Matthew 6:33‭-‬34 ESV

I know now that I serve a faithful God as I reflect on the last few years. Like, I know Him in a different way now.

It’s like a dream.

Let me tell you, God is faithful. In fact, at the end, education is great but all is vanity.

Call me strange but the first thing I thought of as I finished my last paper yesterday was: so, this is it? (Gbo gbo e na re?) Lol. Ask a Yoruba person what that means.

Pardon the picture quality. ❤

But I am grateful, like, in a way that my heart wants to burst.

I remember a lot of things, but I mostly remember that I am grateful for my family.

I remember that my Papa God, oh, He is faithful!
He is NOT a man that lies, doesn’t start a thing He can’t finish.

I’m more excited than my face here!

He kept His promise to me, He will keep His promise to you.

Believe, and someday, it will be like a dream.

Love and light,

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  • Our baby is coming home!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Dancing**
    Just like a dream o my darling. Just like a dream. Kai. And its over just like that. Thank God for life and hope and everything. Thank God for salvation and everything else. You are loved

  • oyeteju

    Congratulations on the successful completion of your university education. My prayer for you is that God who has brought you thus far will continue to guide you in Jesus name(amen). Greater heights await you in Jesus name(amen). Congratulations!

  • Favour

    Congratulations Mobolaji!! GOD doesn’t start a thing He can’t finish. I hold on to that! Greater heights for you in Christ Jesus! GOD BLESS YOU!


    Hey Bolaji,
    Congratulations! I think to the third index.
    The story is exciting, reassuring and decidedly instructive, especially to those of us who aren’t just reading this climax, but who were around as the tale developed.

    But I must take a little time out to gripe. Your blog has disappeared too many of my comments and I am abundantly vexed. And please do not tell me it is the internet or some such entity. I need a live person to be vexed at.

    Although I couldn’t comment a lot of the time and a number of my comments got disappeared by some forces under investigation, many of your lessons were exactly what the doctor ordered.

    Once again, congratulations! and keep the lamp right where it is. Up there.

    • The joy when I saw the name of the commenter! It’s been so long! I actually often wonder how you’re faring…

      I’m so sorry about the issue with your comments. Sadly, some friends have complained about that too and I thought it had been resolved! Please, don’t be vexed ehn. I apologize, me and all the entities swallowing comments…

      Thank you for your kind words! It means a lot to know that few who kinda knew the beginning of the story can also know the end (of this phase sha).

      God bless! Do keep in touch.

      And your light, let it burn!!!

  • Chukwuma

    Congratulations to you. Like a dream – as a reality. It is done and another new chapter is about to begin in your life.
    Am praying that that sustaining grace that was there to see you through your education will also see you through all your endeavours.
    Once again congrats!

  • Adewale

    Hey hey hey,

    Gbogbo e na ni yen o! It ain’t more than that…but we know a new chapter has just been opened for you and I can’t wait to see the star shining brighter as God’s purposes and will are being unveiled in your life.

    Keep shining and once more, congratulations.

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