Life lately: Living beyond my feelings.

Life lately: Living beyond my feelings.

GOOD MONDAY MORNING! (I know it’s late already, but I’m so used to saying that on Mondays.)
I know Mondays are for ‘The Word’ but it’d be a bit rude of me to just go ahead and post, when I know that I didn’t post any PraiseLetter on Friday; plus I didn’t leave any explanation.
You see, I know this blog isn’t mine alone and I can’t just do what I please with it. It’s God’s, mine and yours! So, instead of ‘The Word’, today’s post will be on what has been going on in my life lately and my reason for not posting last week’s PraiseLetter.

Last week was one of the best weeks for me. I got into an argument with a lady who attends the evening classes in my school because she was rude to me. She never accepted that she was wrong. And even when I went to apologize because I didn’t want to displease God, she still stood her ground.

See how I’ve not been living beyond my feelings? If you don’t get what I mean, this is it…
I started reading Joyce Meyer’s book titled “Living beyond your feelings” and it has some great lessons on how not to let your feelings and emotion rule you. Well, I allowed the feelings to justify myself rule me when I decided to talk back to that woman. I could have kept quiet. Though now I know God has forgiven me and I have apologized.
Also, after I had written and edited last week’s PraiseLetter; Vodafone (the network I use for internet) started to mess up. Like, all I needed to do was post it but the network was so bad that I couldn’t. This continued till Saturday; though I had hoped I would post it that day. The thing is that I didn’t have lectures on Friday so I did not go to school, which is where I could buy WiFi to use the internet. I normally use hotspot with my laptop and post my articles, therefore the bad network did not give me the chance to use hotspot.
Fast forward to Sunday. Vodafone finally got their groove back and I was even able to ping some friends, but then the unexpected happened. My phone itself (not the network now) started shutting down slowly. First, my applications stopped working correctly and then finally; my phone stopped working altogether. I tried all I could to make it come on, but nothing worked. This time there was no network customer care to call. Though, it was part of my goals this year to get another phone, it’s still sad that it didn’t even give me a sign that it was going to mess up.

Image Source: innerself.com
Image Source: innerself.com

I still don’t know how easy it’d be to post, but by God’s grace; I WILL! I just might not be able to post articles as early as I’d like. I hope I’m not sending negative vibes o? I’ve thought of how I wouldn’t be able to send links to people on BBM (Black berry messenger) and WhatsApp; but I figured that those who will read will read. It shouldn’t be about the numbers, but that these posts reach someone, SOMEONE who needs the word in his/her life and gets encouraged that God lives through this blog.
When I woke, I spoke to myself that I wouldn’t let my phone’s situation make me FEEL sad and withdrawn. Not to lie, I miss it already and I have so much on it too; but again I would live beyond my feelings. I WILL! I can’t go and come and go and kill myself abeg.

Image Source: toptenfamous.com
Image Source: toptenfamous.com

It almost feels like I haven’t blogged in a year although it’s been just a week! I miss you guys and just wanted to share what’s been going on lately.
Do have a great week ahead and don’t let your feelings rule you; you can live above it and stay positive.

Image Source: saidaonline.com
Image Source: saidaonline.com

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Plenty love, B.


  • I had a very similar weekend but mine was my ipad instead and so many other things went south for me this weekend and I’ve been letting my feeling rule [its so hard not to sometimes] but thank you for posting this.

    I’ve also read that book and I really Love it. I think its time to go back and pick some lessons to apply to what I’m cureently going through

    • Kunmi! Do you know that I just checked your blog like 5 minutes ago! Like my mum says, “You’re truly the daughter of your father!”
      I totally agree that living beyond our feelings isn’t the easiest thing to do! God help us.
      I love the book too! Especially how Joyce writes in relatable ways and also because I need the lessons at this time. You should fish it out again, I’m sure it will help.
      Stay positive… xx

  • I love this!!!! This ‘feeling’ thing can be so annoying sometimes. It just comes and goes and it can be so hard to live on faith above feelings sometimes but I believe that when we ask the Spirit for Help, He does help out especially when certain things in our lives eg ( in the case of your phone that was restored 🙂 I’m glad you were able to come out victorious, no matter how ‘little’ it might look to the world, it’s still victory. Abi we cannot come and kill ourselves abeg. I tell myself that when I get tired of worrying over something.

    • Abi o. Feelings can make one do the wrong things and act wrong too, but thank God for the Holy Spirit that cautions us and teaches us daily.
      Victory is ours! God bless you glow.
      Miss you plenty…

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