Life Lately + Book giveaway!

Life Lately + Book giveaway!

Hey Hey Hey!

What’s up people?

I hope your week has been productive thus far? I can bet some of us are already dreaming of Friday and the two days after that. Lol.

Some people actually go through every week waiting for weekend to come again. Most times, that is a sign that the person is not enjoying whatever it is they do during their weekdays. That does not seem like a very productive lifestyle!

Find a way to enjoy whatever it is that you’re doing, whether in school or at work. It actually most times shows when someone hates their school or job, people will notice because they would not put their all into what they are supposed to be doing.

Ok! I just thought I should share that with the house.

Today’s post is a laid-back type, since I’d only be sharing what’s been up with me these past few weeks.


First off – School!


Oh M GEE. Sometimes I wonder who sent me to choose ‘Development Communications’ as my core course. It’s not that it’s horrible. I mean, my passion for social entrepreneurship and development lies within Dev Comm, but getting all the terms into your head sometimes can be something! You’d be hearing WV, PEPFAR, JICA, GIZ, ADB, USAID, UKAID, DFID in every class and you’d wonder how these terms have anything to do with your ancestors! LOL.

Please, don’t even ask me what they mean because we’d both need to do the research. Though I know some o.

So, yeah, school has been taking much of my time and it’d probably be like this till May, when we have our long holiday. To be honest though, I love love love Development Communications!


Second in Command are books!

I have been deliberate about reading since January. The way I read might be considered weird, but I read like 4 to 5 books at once! Lol. This does not mean I have 5 books opened at the same time while staring at their pages. I just like to enjoy books. So most times, it’s not about how fast I finish them, but how well I enjoy them and get my lessons. I’d be giving a book I’m currently reading as a gift to one of our efamily members today! This year, I’ve finished 6 books (2 of which I started reading in 2015). Let’s see how the reading goes till the end of the year.

Oh, and for people that say they just don’t like reading. Hmmm, ‘bet why?’ Honestly, I think it’s VERY important to read if you want to stay intellectually relevant! Sometimes, while reading, it’d feel as if a switch was just turned on in your head. Information is power. Information used is relevance!

Read, people! Read!


Taking third place is GEMGirl Initiative!

Do you remember this testimony? Well, it ended up blossoming into a registered NGO and we’re holding another project tagged #FeedtheHomeless2016 in April. Plans are moving from heads to implementation; so, yeah, it’s taking some of my time too! Though I’m very excited about what God is doing!

The dreams He gives we small people ehn, aren’t they awesome?




I’d really love to say that Sleep comes fourth, but it breaks my heart that it isn’t. Where has my sleep gone? Please, if you find it, tell it that I miss it very much!

Ehn, you people, I need more sleep hours. Let’s leave this breakup issue for another day. It shall be well!


To the book giveaway!

Drum roll please….


td j

This is one of the most amazing books about women I have EVER read. It can only be the Holy Spirit that gave TD Jakes insight for this book. It’s about ladies; our relationship with ourselves (inner-relationship), our lovers (husbands and boyfriends) and then God!

I’m now reading the third segment which is on God and women, so this means I’d soon be done reading it.

I love the book so much that I really want to gift it to another lady!

If you’d like to get it from omobolaji.com; just indicate in the comment section and share something small with the house on how you think those 3 relationships ought to be for every lady. That is, the lady’s relationship with herself, her lover and her God!

Simple as ABC.

Ghost-readers, please be part of this too o! Lol.

That’s it for today.

Have a fantastic time ahead.

Love always,




P.S – Did you really think I’d leave God out of what’s been happening lately? I’m sure about this- He has been pruning me like crazy!

Pruning can be hard o, because many things have to fall off; but it always pays. So, I’m grateful for every chastisement and discipline! You should too.


Another P.S – We now have a facebook page! Do like it so you can be part of our Facebook community too (especially ghost-efamily members!) LOL. I’m on you guys case today abi?

Love Love Love y’all!




  • Didi

    Think I read that book when I was younger, will have to get it and read again.. God bless you on the work you are doing dr.. You’re an inspiration..

    • Thank you.♥

      I wish I could give everyone the book to read, honestly. Lol.
      It’s been such a blessing to me o.

      God bless bless bless you too!
      First comment here, welcome welcome!

      Have a fantastic time ahead. Love!

  • TiOluwa

    Tolu aka Ghost Reader here…*signing in for the rest of the clan. #straightface

    So good to be back here…

    Congratulations again ahead of the times after May 2017… lol.
    How times fly, thank God for His faithfulness!

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