Let me tell you about my mum.

Let me tell you about my mum.

Good evening/day/night everyone!

I am so sorry this post is coming so late. I had decided not to post it; but since I said I was going to, I did not want to disappoint. Today was hectic and I thought I would have been able to post it in the morning but the day did not turn out as planned. Anyways, this is coming late; but remember the saying “Better late than never.”

I wrote this post on my former blog and I know some of you might have read it. However, I am certain many of you have not; so I decided to post it again. I love reading it when I have time because it just reminds me of my mother’s love. The woman really tries and though she is not perfect, she is my mother and I super love her.

My sweet mother...
My sweet mother…

Since I did not have any phone to call her for some time; the first thing she said when I finally used my roommate’s phone to call her was that she really misses me! She also said she hoped I had not forgotten what is happening tomorrow (which is today) and it made me laugh. Iya Ayo (Ayo’s mother) as my siblings and I call her sometimes then asked me to write a poem for her and post it on the blog today. However, since I could not get myself to write one; I decided to post this article I wrote sometime back.
Happy birthday mama! May God honour you with many more years in health and wealth. May He keep you to see our children and may you live to see your girls do awesome stuff in the world.
Please, excuse the tenses used as it was not recently written.

Let me tell you a little about my mum.
In my early teenage years I didn’t like my mum very much. We fought basically every day and I concluded that she nagged too much and simply wasn’t like other mothers (that is, my friends’ mums).
I remember one particular morning, she woke me and the first thing she asked me to do was to wipe the TV and chairs with my hands. I knew she was driving at the point that we weren’t cleaning the house as we ought, but I still wondered “WHY SO EARLY!”
I refused and argued, how could she wake me first thing in the morning and ask me to wipe the television with my hands. The thing is, I met my sisters in the sitting room. They had all obeyed and were simply waiting since it was my turn; but, I wasn’t having any of that and it resulted to serious beating.
My mum beat me that morning ehn that I started seeing stars, but my mouth wasn’t satisfied. “My friend’s mum wakes her first thing in the morning to pray for her, while you wake me to beat me up!” I said (in Yoruba) as I wailed. This and several rude and stupid things I said to my mother that morning. And being that my mum is normally very emotional, she cried as she left for her shop. Although, I continued wailing due to the pain of the beating.
My mum and I just didn’t understand each other, or it was this – I didn’t understand my mum. Thankfully, as I matured, we started getting along. I started opening up to her and found it easy to just relax and gist with her.
Over the years, I don’t know how it happened, but she became my best friend. I remember well when I put all my hope in Obafemi Awolowo University for admission after sitting home for about a year. I had done well enough in Joint Admission Matriculation Board (JAMB) and quite well in my post JAMB too, so I was sure I was going to be accepted. I wondered why I had not yet been called even until the day when the final list was released.
I traveled to the school to see what was really delaying my name from being pasted. I met with a friend’s uncle and he said “You came late.” I met another woman (I think at the registry) and she said the same thing. I think that was one of my most miserable days till date.
I felt useless. I felt worthless. I felt pain. I called my mum to tell her what the outcome was because I knew she was anxious to know if I had seen my name. After I told her I hadn’t seen my name, I ended the call and began to cry. In fact, I wept. And then I called her back just so she could hear how bad I felt.
Then, I was comforted more than I’ve ever been in my life because of this – She was crying too. I had called just to hear her speak encouraging words to me but when I heard how she was crying, I just kept crying. So, we stayed like that for few minutes crying on the phone together. And when I cut the call, I just felt better.
I let it go there and then because she had told me with her tears that whatever happened, she didn’t see me less than I was and was waiting for me with all her love back home.
Again, something happened before I came back to school. My bus was scheduled for 7am and being that I live quite far from ABC Park, we always leave the house by 5am. This day wasn’t like all my other travel days. The traffic was unimaginable and we ended up getting there at about 11am. By then all the buses had left. Even before we got there, I was already sad because I knew I would have to stay there till the next morning in order not to miss my bus again. There was no way I would go back home and come the next morning. Surprisingly, when we were close to the park, my mum turned and said “that means I’d have to stay with you till tomorrow.”
I was sincerely shocked, but I was happy because that meant I had someone to talk to till I left the next morning. None of us had planned it but she didn’t mind waiting with me. (Thinking of it now, I enjoyed that experience with my mum so much, we even got to eat Eba and Egusi in the same bowl- LOL) Anyways, we slept in the park together.
Our relationship gets better by the day and now, sometimes she calls me only to say “Bolaji, so mo pe eni to je mi lowo ko to lo oti san owo yen” meaning “Bolaji, do you know that the person that was owing me money before you left hasn’t paid the money yet” and then just suddenly end by saying “Woo, odaabo, mo ni customer.” Meaning “See, bye bye, I have a customer.” Lol!
I hope that someday I would be able to give her all the things she deserves and more. I just felt I should tell you a little about my mum and to also add that if you still treat your mum bad, it’s time to stop. She loves you and you’d see that if only you relax and understand her; understand her own background and experiences. And if your mum’s gone to be with God, I’m reminding you today that she loved you very much. Never forget that.

The day after tomorrow is also my dad’s birthday. Awesome, isn’t it?
Anyways, happy birthday again mum! Above is your poem. LOL. I love you tori torun… (A funny phrase in Yoruba that means I love you very much)

Iya Ayo in the middle!
Iya Ayo in the middle!

Love, B.


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