Lessons learned: You’re not more born-again than someone else.

Lessons learned: You’re not more born-again than someone else.

Hey hey hey.

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Here are my lessons for the week.

1. Not every friend has your time: Let’s be honest, we expect a certain dose of support from friends when we’re about to do something big or new. I’ve not had all the support I want from some of my friends, but that’s fine- I have God cheering! Sometimes, this may be a form of discouragement, but I’ve come to learn that everyone has something big happening in their own lives too.

I have a friend who’s currently writing her final year project, will I ask her to come to my house everyday and announce that I’m writing a book?Β That will be selfish.

So, always remember that everyone has something they’re also dealing with. Don’t be too harsh or angry.


2. God takes care of the ‘how’ when we obey: This lesson ehn. It is one I’d continue to learn till I get to see Jesus face to face. When God says ‘go’, He’s not saying it at a time that He’s looking for help from Peter, James and John. He already has it all planned out.

I have had people reach out to me in the most amazing ways! Am I working?Β Think about it. Where in the world would I have found money to print book?
But God!
But God!


3. Encourage others if you want to be encouraged: I called a friend very early this morning who needed encouragement and I was the one smiling when I cut the call. There’s a light that shines through you when you send a word of prayer, encouragement and love. If you want to feel better, look for people that feel down and sing for them. Lol.
Or just encourage them.


4. Give people pre-dated forgiveness cheques: This has saved me a lot of stress. I remember telling God that He should give me the grace to forgive family and friends, even before they hurt me. So, whenever there’s a huge quarrel or the likes, God reminds me- “You’ve already forgiven these people. It’s time to get over it.”
It’s not always easy, but God gives grace. If you’re not yet dating, you might want to give your partner a pre-dated cheque of forgiveness from now.


5. Listen to the still small voice: We have the Holy-Spirit in us and He’s always telling us what to do or not do. A friend asked about something this week and as I replied, I felt God’s still small voice asking me to rephrase or not send what I had written. I sent it and immediately knew I had been wrong.
God might say- “Don’t send that smiley. Change that word. Don’t join this conversation. Send that message. Delete that tweet.”
Often times, it’s a very small voice, and if we’re sensitive, we’d know it’s God.


6. Listen. Listen. Listen: Yesterday night was so amazing! A friend had this HUGE testimony and when she called me, she was crying. I was first scared. But as she talked, I understood that she was overwhelmed.

God will do some things for you ehn, you will almost cry yourself out. Lol.
Funny enough, I got teary-eyed as she narrated what had happened. Joy overload. But before she called, I was feeling like a fish- listening to a message that I wasn’t really listening to.
Then when she was done sharing, I was too shocked to lay back on the bed, so I started playing my best Igbo song “Ibu Chukwu Ibu gimandu. Na you be God. Almighty God. You no be man o…Na rekele, na rotito omema…” (I hope I slept it well.)
That’s how I checked WhatsApp and a friend I made off Instagram had sent loads of prayers to me. I’ve never seen her before and she doesn’t even know if I’m scam. Lol. But as I read those prayers, I balled my eyes out. (You know I have plenty water in my eyes.)
Why is God so mindful of us?
Who are we?
My friend with the testimony kept saying- “Me! Common dust. Who am I? I didn’t even know God was hearing!”
Hmm. Too many lessons in this one lesson.
Listen to people when they have things to share. Just listen, and it will end up doing your soul a lot of good.


7. You’re not more born again than someone else: I remember my roommate had an issue with a mutual friend some months ago. At that time, this wasn’t a mutual friend as my sweet roomie couldn’t understand why the girl was so loud. Lol. To be honest, I knew my friend was loud too and was always talking in class.
But I didn’t push her away. Plus, we attended the same Church and I knew she was born again.
Now, she still talks, but not loudly and not when unnecessary. As I studied her, I realized that God was working on her, even from that time that we all thought she talked too much.
This reminds me of the phrase that we should never judge someone else’s Introduction with another’s tenth Chapter.
Many times I’m tempted to think of how more born again I am than others. Lol. This happens probably after their behaviour, attitude or words. I silently ask- “And this one is a believer?”
But God has been teaching me to never think of myself more highly than I ought to. Even I surprise myself sometimes when I do some things. I’d even ask myself- “And you’re born again like this?” πŸ˜‚
Let’s always remember to give people the benefit of the doubt. When someone isn’t acting as you’d like, pray and encourage them in love; but don’t ever think you’re better than they are. You may be more mature, but God isn’t done with them.
Remember that God also took His time to work on you and He’s still working. Don’t condemn or write off others.


These are my lessons for the week.

What did you learn this week?

Love always,



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  • Chinenye

    Hey Bolaji,

    Great lessons you learnt there. I also learnt so many this week but the one that keeps amazing me up till this moment is…

    Earlier this week, I pressed something on my phone that wouldn’t make my phone ring out or vibrate. I tried all I could but I couldn’t fix it. The next day, Just before I entered the church for mass, I called a friend whom I know knows all these technology ish and he said he couldn’t understand that, that he has never experienced it. Then he left me with an option of reseting my phone which I didn’t accept. Immediately I dropped the call, I entered the church and when the mass was going on, I felt this urge to pray concerning the phone and I was like seriously, phone, of all things? Hian. What is God’s own with phone? and I just waved it away. But the urge continued and then God reminded me of a testimony my priest in school shared about how he prayed about his car and God heard him and I just obeyed.

    Hmm, Lo and behold, when I got home, I was just going through YouTube and I stumbled on this video about it and that was how my phone was repaired.

    This was a huge lesson for me because it made me understand how God really wants to be involved in everything about us, I mean EVERYTHING, even those things we consider as ‘meaningless’ or ‘unnecessary’. I was and am so glad I obeyed.

    sorry again, my comment is turning to post. lol.

    God bless you Bolaji.

  • Wow Sis!

    I’m so glad you shared. Your comments are always welcome. I always learn from them.

    Your lesson is one everyone of us needs to learn o. We can talk to God about ANYTHING. Even when we feel He shouldn’t be disturbed about ‘silly’ things, He wants to hear all about them.

    May we grow deeper in our walk with Him and obey when He speaks in Jesus name.

    Thanks for sharing!

  • Kayode Aseweje

    I learned that last lesson that Chinenye learned too, that God cares about every single thing. Used to feel (and still do sometimes) that ‘haha God Kent be bothered with this jo’, but I’ve seen that even in little things like what shoes to wear and what shirts and jeans/pants to combine πŸ˜‚, he gives his opinion (and I’m always dressed like a King because of that πŸ˜‚ ). Even more serious stuff, like setting priorities and all. Sometimes I don’t listen and make poor decisions or even no decision at all, out of fear or pride that I don’t even realise. But he always picks me up. I’m very happy and grateful for all these lessons that I keep learning. Many are very stretching and feel very difficult but at the end I’m always better for them. Thank God.

    • Hello King!

      Haha. I really need to involve God in my dressing sha. I just rush and never do it. But friends who do always testify! πŸ™ŒπŸ™ŒπŸ™Œ
      Baba God, the famour Fashion Master.

      I agree that many great lessons are hard to learn, but in the long run, we’re grateful we learned them along the way.
      Plus, God really does care about little things…
      If only we’d involve Him more.

      Thanks for sharing your lessons for the week!

  • Great lessons B, this blessed me immensely. Particularly numbers 1 and 7.

    Lately, I’ve been feeling overwhelmed by the bulk of work I need to do in a very limited time. But last week, I learnt to breathe, take things one day at a time and let God lead..

    God bless you B. This lessons are a very beautiful way to start my week.

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