Lessons Learned: Victory belongs to Jesus.

Lessons Learned: Victory belongs to Jesus.

Hey hey hey!

These are my lessons for the week. (Few of them.)

1. Don’t show kindness because you want to be noticed or thanked:

On Sunday, as I walked towards the bridge around Toll gate (Motorways area), I noticed a pregnant woman walking by me and I saw how she struggled. I guessed we was also going to Daystar, so I asked and she confirmed it. Anyway, I offered to carry her bags so she could walk freely till we got to Church.

After service as I talked with a friend, I saw her and a part of me wanted affirmation for helping her. It was as if I wanted her to see me so she could thank me again. I quickly realized that it was pride and asked God to help me. As believers, we aren’t kind because of ‘Thank you’. Some of us will want someone to worship us as a god because we helped them with something. I learned that kindness for me should be because I must extend the love God has shown me to others, not because I want to be noticed.


2. Forgiveness is a command from God: Our theme this month in Church is forgiveness and it’s very timely for me. I’ve been hurt deeply a few times this year and I still sometimes find it hard to let it all go. I knew that forgiveness for me made me feel lighter and it took away the power anyone had over me, but I didn’t think of it as a command from God. The Bible doesn’t say, ‘Please, try to forgive, but if it is too hard for you, God will understand and help you punish all those that hurt you.’ The Bible says that if we don’t forgive those that hurt us, our heavenly Father wouldn’t forgive us too; this equals to unanswered prayers. I’d rather forgive, not because I always FEEL like it, but because I have to honour God’s command.


3. Victory belongs to Jesus: This song by Todd Dulaney is my mantra for this season. Even when I feel like I can’t see any victory, I sing it. I’m learning to praise my way to miracles.
Who can stand against the Lord? No one can. No one will. Who can stand against the King? No one can. No one will. Oh oh oh, oh oh oh, Victory belongs to Jesus, victory belongs to Him.” 🎢🎀


4. Always give my books to my dad to edit:


You people! You will think I can edit well, until you meet my dad! I’ve always known my dad loves to write, read and edit and I’d never understand why I gave him my manuscript last minute. The man smelt every mistake and helped make the book even much better than it already was. All his feedback weren’t easy for me to swallow, but I’m grateful for him and his editing skills. Lol. I’ve learned to always give him my books first from now on. Plus, he gave the first Father perspective to the letters and asked why I didn’t make room for Fathers to reply?
Hian! I told him the letters are anonymous and the daughters don’t even want their dads to know it was written by them. Lol.

These are few lessons I learned this week, what have you learned?

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See you next week!

Love always,



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I hope to see you at the launch of our book! Thank you for walking this journey with me. πŸ’žπŸ’šπŸ’ž


  • Kayode Aseweje

    Great post ! Learned that it’s more blessed to give than to receive, and you can trust God with and for absolutely anything ! As in, one you’re his, he’s ready to MOVE MOUNTAINS for you. The trouble is getting round to believing that in tight spots, because it’s so easy to look at things with natural eyes and say ‘Nah, this can’t work’ or ‘There couldn’t possibly be a way here’. Thank God for the holy spirit though !

    • Thanks for sharing!

      I learned this too o, but I’d share the story after the book launch!
      God has given us ALL we’d ever need- not that He will, but He has…
      May we always remember to believe Him over everything else when things looks tight.

  • Adewale

    There’s just that part of every man that wants appreciation. And yes! it seeks every opportunity to get that appreciation, hence we tend to feel offended when we do anything for anyone and they refused to say ‘thank you’. But then, we have to remember, everything we do is unto God and not unto man and the One who reward us is God Himself. With that in mind, we can get the correct perspective and not expect too much from men.

    One thing I have learnt also is this. There is a ‘fixer’ in every man. And most times, this fixer in us run ahead of God to try to fix things, but if only we can learn to trust God to fix it how He wants, the better we will be for it. God is the Ultimate fixer and he holds all things together. Shalom!

    • Haha. A part of every human wants validation from others, when we already have that from God. Expecting too much from men only lands us in trouble anyway…lol.

      Yes yes yes!
      I try to be the ultimate fixer sometimes- even when I don’t know anything about what I want to fix. Lol. If only we’d take steps back and tell God to handle things, we’d not have to worry and stress all the time.
      One wise advice from God is better than a thousand wise words from the flesh.


  • Beautiful article, and so relatable
    I think when we get to the point of understanding that we are nothing but instruments of our Father in Heaven, we begin to learn to walk according to His perfect will
    (Your articles are so enriching by the way, I went through a couple. Great work ☺)

  • Goodness-Mercy Weme

    The part about your dad made me smile cos I remembered when I gave my elder brother something to edit for me the correction ehn plus the yabbing I almost bed oh in fact I vex but just remembered that I’m the one that gave him in the first place plus I needed better eyes to catch what I missed.

    That aspect of expecting thanks for whatever we do, God help us all.

    • Nothing like having someone else to through your work o! Haha. It happened to me one time in school. I was angry that my roommate said my assignment (article) wasn’t good enough. And it was I who asked for her opinion o! Lol.

      It only helped to make my work better, so I had to forget my vex.

      And indeed, God help us!

      Thanks for sharing.
      Feel at home. πŸ’šπŸ’šπŸ’š

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