Lessons Learned: The Bible is not a novel.

Lessons Learned: The Bible is not a novel.

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Hope you’re awesome? I’ve been blessed, thank you for asking.

These are my lessons for the week.

1. The Bible is not a novel: Recently, before I read my Bible, I hold it and pray. I say something like “This is my Bible. It is not a novel so I pray, God, that you will open my eyes to see the hidden truth in your Word and that I will get the revelation you want me to gain per time“. I started this because I noticed there was a time I read my Bible just to tick it as the ‘christian thing to do’ for the day. I wasn’t receiving life and it felt boring to me and I knew that wasn’t right. The Bible is the best book in the world and indeed, no Christian book or devotional can take its place. When you pray and really desire to love the Word of God and gain understanding, God will begin to open up Bible stories in a new light for you. Just remember, the Bible isn’t a novel, it’s not something to finish and drop at one side. It is life in words.

2. God can touch you anywhere: You guys! I was in Ghana and I went for The Experience (A Worship Concert in Lagos every December). Lol. It was no coincidence that I saw that picture on Instagram that it was going to be aired on TV and though they missed the channel, the Holy Spirit led me to the right channel. My roomie and I danced, worshipped, cried and it felt like we were right there. Interestingly, I shared this with one of my close friends and she said she and her roomie experienced the same thing in Canada. God isn’t limited by space, time or location; He changes lives all over the world and touches people anywhere!


3. You will start behaving like someone you spend time with: You can argue this lesson till tomorrow, but if you take time to study yourself, you’d find that it’s true. I found myself doing certain things this week that I had to cast out fast. Lol. It then occurred to me that someone close does the same things I had started doing. You know that saying about how your communications corrupt good manners? It’s not a lie!


4. You don’t have to make everyone like you: I tried! and I see how few people try to change to fit into the person people want them to be but it doesn’t really work. Two people might want you to be a certain way, will you then suddenly become the person different people want? I love the verse that states that AS LONG AS IT DEPENDS ON YOU, live IN PEACE with everyone. Don’t hold grudges or carry a nasty attitude that doesn’t glorify Christ, but don’t try to make everyone like you either…


5. Age has nothing to do with maturity: Age might give one more experiences, but it doesn’t necessarily make one mature. I joined evening school and often laugh at some of the things that happen in class. In Nigeria (and Africa), we almost automatically attribute maturity to someone’s age but this isn’t always the case. Age has nothing to do with maturity. (I’m still learning this lesson.)


6. 2 days aren’t enough for weekend: Who made weekend only two days anyway? Haha. Just kidding.


These are my lessons for the week, what are yours?

Love always,



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  • chukwuma

    The number 3 is on point, plus age is not a criteria to determine if one is matured. I learned that lesson well while growing up and discovering older people I was following did not have the maturity to lead me out of my present state to that of a matured, smart thinking person.

    Thanks for sharing!
    Happy weekend!

  • Adewale

    Powerful prayer right there. If you read the Bible like a novel, that’s what it will always be. But when you take it as God’s instructions and promise to you, he opens a wealth of revelations to you on a daily basis.

    I agree with the fact that you behave/act like the one you spend time with. That’s why you should spend time only with people whose habits and lifestyle models Christ. And by the way, when you spend time with the Holy Spirit too, you become like Him.

    As for the weekend thingy, I think I want to start a revolution, weekend should start Fridays and end on Sunday. That should do it.

    Thanks for always sharing from your heart.

    • Right! The Bible should never be read as a novel.

      “And by the way, when you spend time with the Holy Spirit too, you become like Him.” This right here is the truth. Thank you for sharing it and thanks for always reading.

  • dee

    I believe age has it stakes with maturity, there is something about numerical increase that comes with maturity, maturity is not limited to age but age also has a part to play.
    I love lesson number one, too APT and very TRUE
    More grace

    • Of course. With age, comes experiences and no one can deny that.
      But age isn’t a yardstick to measure maturity. For me, I wouldn’t conclude that someone is mature because they’re a certain age. But I will agree that they have gathered experiences.

      Thank you for reading!
      First time here? Welcome, either way. ❤❤❤

      God bless you.

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