Lessons learned: Social media is powerful.

Lessons learned: Social media is powerful.

Hey hey hey!

In today’s awesome interview, I said I was going to share many lessons, but right now… This is enough many.

Here are my lessons for the week.


1. The mind is a battle field: Don’t feed your mind what will not yield good fruits. I wasted time on some social media handles last week and I still regret it. Lol. You know those ones that just pop up and get you carried away.
The thing about the mind that’s tricky is that it’s not until you watch porn or witchcraft film that you can start thinking nonsense.

Even fashion, comedy, politics can be disguised as ‘enlightening’ when in fact it is unnecessary for one’s soul.
I love comedy and a little politics, but I’ve learned that I need to know when to stop so that these things don’t take the place of God in my life.


2. Listen to God’s nudge: So…this point ehn. I went to visit one of my best people on earth last week. She invited me for her school fellowship. It was all smiles until the end…when we found out someone had stolen her laptop bag, which contained her laptop, project work, phone, etc. (If you’re in final year, you know that your project work is your second life.)
No need for the long story behind it, but we later confessed to one another that the Holy Spirit kept nudging us to check the bag and keep it safe. I kept checking that table like 50 times, but ignored the nudge after the program. Someone had come, behaved like he was part of the fellowship and taken the bag. But here’s the beauty of it…
I saw my friend worship through it! Hian. After crying, walking, etc. She settled down somewhere and started praying, telling God that she would not lose the joy she had during the program because she knew that was what the devil wanted. She told God that she knew there was a lesson in that experience and that she will glorify God through it.
It pained me o, I cried too. But from her, I learned that even when it’s hard, I can worship God in sad circumstances.


3. Know when to be quiet: My mum helped to get many of the things we used for the book launch. There were some things I didn’t like, but that wasn’t the right time to tell her. She had just gotten back from the market and was very tired. I should have kept my ‘dislike’ to myself at that moment because she got really emotional and thought I didn’t appreciate her effort. I quickly thanked her over and over again till she started smiling.

I learned that there’s a time to express one’s dislike about something, and the best time isn’t when the other party is stressed, angry or sad.
4. Social media when used well is powerful: I have to say that I’m no social media strategist. But since the launch of our book, I’ve seen just how useful social media can be. People I’ve never met have called to know how they can buy LETTERS TO OUR FATHERS and when asked how they knew about it- social media.
One retweet.
One post.
One review.
One like.
Goes a long way.

Thank you for every publicity.


5. Lagos-Ibadan expressway needs divine help: I’m on the road as I type this and I can’t but be sad about the state of this road. Lagos-Ibadan expressway is a very MAJOR road for anyone traveling out of Lagos, yet it is ignored. Don’t let me even bring my social/political views on here. All I know is that that road needs divine help.
Who wants to go and pray over it?


I know I said today’s lessons will be long, but my body right now is tired. Even the hands I’m using to type wants a vacation.
You think the book launch was work?

Then send me a message for the gist of how life has been after the launch. Real work just started.

Talk to y’all soon. 💚

Love always,


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