Lessons learned: Pride will make you think you’re bigger than God.

Lessons learned: Pride will make you think you’re bigger than God.

Hey hey hey!

Here are my lessons for the week.

1. I don’t need anyone’s permission to pray: I went to Ibadan last week and met up with my closest male friends. These are people I love so much. The only guys I can stay in a room with and not be afraid. πŸ˜‚ I smile as I remember all our silly arguments on being feminist. Before I got there, I felt that God wanted me to pray with them before leaving. But when I got there, they were with few other friends and I just let the prayers slide…

I can’t wait for them to get saved so we can talk about God all day too. Anyway, God had told me before I entered the bus to Ghana that I’d have to pray. Hehe. He’s been setting me up. I noticed that this particular bus didn’t have a Pastor to pray as other buses do. When we moved, the prayer got stuck in my throat. Lol. (When it’s not as if prayer is a bad thing.) I then asked the lady beside me if she’d like to pray. I asked two more ladies and they all asked me to pray. I did and it wasn’t bad after all!
Sometimes I wonder why some of us are so afraid to share our faith. I’m grateful I got to pray with everyone and cover our journey with Christ’s blood. I learned that I don’t need anyone’s permission to pray, especially when God specifically asks me to.

2. Even when I’m old, I’d always be my Mum’s baby: Every time I go to school, my mum will tell me she would not do as she has been doing before. Lol. Especially when I’ve annoyed her. πŸ˜‚ But my fried fish and correct stew is always with me when I leave home. I have a special relationship with my Mum as the lastborn and no matter my age, I’d always be her baby! (Her ‘Josephine’ that was born in old age. 😁😁)

3. Money is just money, but God is God: I started getting agitated when I got to the Ghana border. I realized that Naira had dropped so much that changing it to cedis was actually a loss for me. I didn’t even want to change it, but it’s not as if they use Naira in Ghana. I later relaxed and God reminded me that He was with me. He asked me to change all the money I had and that He remains God, no matter how money changes. At the end of it, money is just money (paper) but God is God.

4. Pride will make you think you’re bigger than God: I was going for something when I got to school and realized on my way that I hadn’t prayed about it or asked God to help me. It shocked me as I saw that that was pride. I was going in my own intellect and wisdom, which isn’t much. I quickly started rebuking the pride in me and asked God to help me. I remembered a message by Sarah Jakes-Roberts titled ‘Empty handed’. No matter who we think we are, we must always come before God empty handed.
Lord, help us never to get deceived by the devil that we’re all that and more…
Anything we have is because you first gave us. Kill pride in our lives and let us daily come to you in humility. We’re empty handed Lord. Use us.

5. Our journeys might look alike, but they’re not the same: My roomie-sister-friend asked me to take the bus she took to Nigeria. I did so thinking it was going to be just as smooth as hers. Haha. I was in for a shocker. We still got in early, but not as early as her bus got to Nigeria. She experienced some delay because of a passenger in the bus. We experienced the same thing, but for different reasons.
When I got home, I thought about this lesson. Even though we took the same type of bus under that same company, our journies weren’t exactly the same.
Even when it seems like we’re all on the same journey, we must remember that God has called us to different paths; but the end is the same- eternity.
We must not get mad, envious or jealous that someone seems to have it better than we do. We’re all members of the same body, with different functions, but with same end in view. Your light wouldn’t shine brighter by putting out that of others.

6. Like broods over darkness: There’s this powerful song I heard when I attended ‘Unlimited worship’ by Olumide Iyun. The same song was sang at Nathaniel Bassey’s album launch on Sunday.

‘You are brooding over every darkness.
You are causing light to shine from darkness.’

As simple as this sing seems, I think it’s very powerful. If you’ve not noticed, we’re living in very dark times and only God can cause light to shine from darkness.
Our light had issues before my roommate left to Nigeria so I already knew that I’d not meet light when I arrive Ghana. It pained me oh, because it’s just more comfortable when there’s light. It’s brighter. We finally fixed it yesterday and the joy in my heart knew no bounds!
Honestly, I was shining my teeth like a fish and sent a selfie with the light to my roommate. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚
It was really funny and got me thinking about how powerful light is. If I could be so happy about electrical light, how much more the carrier of light Himself?
Salvation is what brings light to our dark hearts and we must share this Good News with others. Let’s make them happy too.


These are my lessons. What did you learn this week?


Love always,




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