Lessons Learned: No one has the permission to steal your joy.

Lessons Learned: No one has the permission to steal your joy.

Hey hey hey!

How are you and yours? Hope the week has been fruitful?

Here are my lessons for the week:


1. No time should be wasted: A friend told me last week that I listen to a lot of messages. It’s not that I listen to messages more than everyone else, but I find it important to fill my time with the right things. Trust me, I have not mastered how to manage my time the best way, but I try not to waste any moment. My bag was stolen two weeks ago, my earpiece and charger were in it. Not long after, I bought an earpiece but still haven’t bought a phone charger. (I use my calabar sister’s own). Why did I buy it first? Because I use it when walking to school or work, while in a bus or doing any random thing. That way, my mind is filled with Godly content and it is because I am conscious about it. It makes me look crazy when I laugh out loud while walking, but faith and laughter comes by hearing…hearing the word of God.

You do not have to wait till Sunday to listen to a needed word. YouTube is your friend and it now allows you to download videos you can watch offline. Fill your time with things that will profit your Spirit, not only your flesh.



2. The devil is not sleeping on your matter so why should you sleep on your matter: My sis and I always have much to talk about when we get home because our schedules are no longer alike. She was telling me some of the prayer points raised at school fellowship yesterday and some of them got me a bit scared. Lol. She shared some things she sensed and it made me wonder why the devil attacks believers so much. It’s sad that many of us ‘sleep on our matter’, while the devil is serious. May God help us.


3. Let your vision guide your decisions: I listened to a message by Pastor Steven Furtick on distraction yesterday/this morning and it was a needed word. Are the things you spend time doing helping you become the you God has shown you? Many times I find myself doing nothing smart on the internet for hours. Sometimes, when there’s nothing, I will catch myself still scrolling through social media like a wanderer. Instead, I can read my Bible, a book, sleep, watch/listen a message, clean the house, wash, etc. I agree that many of us are busy, but we must be able to differentiate busyness and productivity. Having many activities to do does not mean you’re being productive. I am sure there are many things we will not do if we let our vision guide our daily decisions. I, for one, will not eat bread everyday because I see myself as fit.


4. Allow yourself be pruned: The only way to build character is to learn how to relate well with people. I’ve faced opposition and heard untrue things about me since I resumed school. Someone started to ‘gist’ me about something an acquittance had said and I quickly asked her to stop. (You better learn to send some gists far away from you). After the quick gist, I started talking to God that I didn’t like what was happening. I didn’t like the fact that I had to be quiet even when people were saying untrue things. Trust me, my flesh wanted to call the person who talked and lash back but I knew it was not worth it. God answered me and said “Bolaji, this is part of what builds your character. You will face worse opposition than this in the future and will not be able to defend yourself so start learning now. Leave it to me”.

I remember Joyce Meyer saying she wished some things will never happen in her ministry and one was that people will never tell lies or put up fake news about she and her family; but that does not stop her from serving God. After this, I weighed my motives and indeed found that I was not spiteful or mean to anyone. As my revenge, I prayed for these people the next day and was glad to let it all go. I prayed that God will give them the joy of salvation because there is nothing sweeter than that in life.



5. LISTEN TO THE HOLY SPIRITTTTTT: If you read my posts on Facebook or Instagram, you will have known that my bag was stolen 2 weeks ago. My bag, as in, the whole thing. Lol. Interestingly, God warned me! As I stood from my chair and rushed to see someone, God told me to go back because someone will steal my bag but I pushed the thought away. I know God warned me because as I stood outside, I immediately felt the need to run to my seat and by the time I got there, my bag was dead and gone. Many times, we CLEARLY hear God instructing us to do or not do something, but disobey. I felt this same way about my friend’s laptop bag that was stolen. God kept telling me to watch it but I lost focus after the program by her fellowship and went to dance. LOL. You better get sensitive and LISTEN TO THE HOLY SPIRIT.


6. No one has the permission to steal your joy, except you let them: One day, this week, my sis came home feeling sad about a staff at school who had been rude to her. It got her wondering if she had done anything wrong to the lady or spoken somehow; until I shared that the same lady had been rude to me too. This made me realize that some times, I am NOT the problem. Lol. People go through things and try to put their anger on others, but they can only steal your joy if you let them. My sis was so happy I shared my experience with her because she had been thinking all that while that she was the problem. I almost gave someone permission to steal my joy today but decided that I did not have to base my mood on other people’s moods. Things will certainly happen to us all that we don’t like, but how we react is left to us.


These are my lessons for the week, what are yours? (You can read all lessons here.)




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  • Great lessons here, that wandering on social media is my thing oh God help me. Please any tip to help in proper time management-books, mesages or whatever has helped you in that area.

    Thanks for sharing.

    • Hey Sis.
      I can’t say I’ve got it all together with my time management but I’d recommend Pastor Poju’s messages on productivity and Joyce Meyer too. I’m sure they will be helpful.

      Thanks for always sharing your thoughts. You’re cherished!

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