Lessons learned: Never ignore the prompting to pray.

Lessons learned: Never ignore the prompting to pray.

Hey hey hey!

Here are my lessons for the week:



1. Sleep early if you want to wake to pray: I don’t know about you, but whenever I make up my mind to sleep early because I’d like to pray into the next day, I don’t feel so lazy. But there are days when I sleep mega late and still hope to wake; my body then feels like firewood when my alarm goes off. Lol. Do you think the ‘early to bed, early to rise’ quote works for you?

2. Never ignore the prompting to pray: I wrote about the time when I couldn’t sleep because I had a strong urge to pray for my parents on the blog before. That wasn’t the only time. There are times when I’d suddenly remember someone and feel like I must pray for them. This week, I woke from a bad dream and sleepily started praying for the person I saw in the dream. But as I prayed, I heard ‘it’s closer than you think.‘ This made me begin to pray for myself, those who live around me and our surrounding, then I slept back.
What woke me was a strong smell of something burning and then my light went off. (Every other apartment still had light.) I checked the freezer and couldn’t find where the smell was coming from. It took few days before I knew and the electrician told me that it should have been more than what it was, it should have been a fire. Haha. Something that’s right by my door, how will I run?

I shared this with my TWTW sisters and the Lagos Pinky promise group too. We’re believers and many times, we have this usual urge to pray about something or someone, but many of us ignore it. I’ve heard of two people who ignored this urge from God and lost loved ones. Sometimes, we’re so lazy to pray! In fact, I’m only just remembering that it happened to me twice this week.
I woke one morning and saw a picture of a friend coming to console me before graduation. Hian! I quickly rebuked and prayed. Then I slept and woke with two words associated to burial in my mouth. (This happened to me, not in a movie.) Sometimes, we like to pretend that there’s no evil in the world and we can go on our merry way as believers…
Anyway, this time, I took the prayers serious o. Got Psalm 91 and started declaring because I knew exactly who it was God wanted me to pray for.
This lesson is getting long, but think about it…
Sometime, someone’s name will just pop from years back. You may not even have the person’s contact again. Take a moment right there to pray for the person or about the thing God showed you.
We don’t get this warning every time, or do we? But when we do, please, let’s pray!


3. Money is paper and it can fly: There’s this thing that happens when I get to school. It feels like there’s something waiting to sap my pocket money. Lol. It seems funny but it gets me angry. I then learned that I had to stop thinking that money is so much more than it is, because something can come up anytime that will take it away. But God…God doesn’t fly. Lol.


4. No Believer has arrived: My friend and I talked about this extensively yesterday. The way God works is really funny with we humans. The moment you think ‘I’ve been doing so well. I can do this and that by myself’ is the same time God will shock you. The reason we need Jesus is because we have to daily get grace for our walk. Once we overcome something, we must come empty handed before God for the next step. Pride makes us often think we can now do things in our intellect and power, but what then do we need God for?
Do you know any believer who ‘has arrived’?


5. You’re not of the world, but you’re in it: I heard a message by Pastor Poju this week that was so apt. He said that when you begin to walk with God in a new dimension, He reveals things to you that no school can teach. Even in ‘worldly settings’ like Offices, you’d just be set apart because of the wisdom that He gives.


6. Pray for great friends: I don’t regret the prayer I made for God to give me great friends. The believers walk is very personal, but it’s great to have people you can walk with on this journey.


I learned another lesson this evening. While I was telling a friend some of the things I wish was different about our book ‘LETTERS TO OUR FATHERS’, I got an email.

The title was ‘Commendation’ and the lady shared how she read the pre-release. Her words were super kind and I started wondering…I was just worrying and someone was writing a mail about how great the message of the book is.

My lesson here: Obey God and every other thing will take care of itself. Worry solves no problem.

Thank you for reading!





Any lessons from the letters? Kindly share and share your lessons for the week too.

You can download the pre-release below.


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God bless.

Love always,


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