Lessons learned: I live for the audience of one.

Lessons learned: I live for the audience of one.

Hey hey hey!

Here are my lessons for the week:

  1. I have to harness this gift of writing: When I started my internship and got all jumbled because I was not managing my time wisely, I asked God for help. He told me there were many things I was doing that were good but not GOD. I talked a bit about this last week, and one thing He asked me to take more seriously is my writing, and not only on the blog. I now mostly post every week day on Instagram and Facebook as led and He asked me to start work on the book I actually started before LETTERS TO OUR FATHERS.

To be honest, I have been running from that work forever because of what people will think. Lol. I feel people will think I am doing ‘oversabi‘ if the book comes out too close to LETTERS TO OUR FATHERS, but as Joyce said she had learned over the years that people’s opinions don’t really matter; as long as God is proud of you. This is not to say the EBOOK will be released NOW NOW, but I guess it will be released sooner than I/you think. I’m excited because the content is funny and has stories I’ve never really shared since I got saved.


2. I cannot come and go and kill myself: Less is more for me now o, because I cannot come and go and kill myself. I’m learning how to do the essential things and not try to be everywhere all the time. You don’t even want to know how many departments I used to be in Church and school; now, all I want to do is rest sleep.


3. Jungle justice still happens in Nigeria: I’m sure many of us might have heard about the boy who was burned this week in Lagos for allegedly stealing phone/carry/bag. I do not know the full story but it breaks my heart that this still happens in 2016. How is it okay to catch a thief and then kill her/him? And how is it that there never is a news on arrest or justice? If there’s the Police, Court and Prison; why then will people determine another’s judgement without a fair hearing. I hear it happens in other countries too, still, it is not acceptable and is downright heart wrenching. God help and bless Nigeria. Many complain about the problem in government but fail to see that really, the problem is from the grassroots.


4. Purpose is not about a stage or fame: Agreed, you may become very famous because of God’s purpose and plans for your life, but never equate that to fulfillment or success. I see how many make it seem like you must be famous and out there to be walking in purpose, but it’s a lie. I search my heart constantly to make sure I am not equating my destiny to the world’s standards or expectations. Search your heart too…Is it all about the money and fame for you?


5. I live for audience of one: I am learning the head way that people’s opinion of me is not even a tiny bit as important as God’s opinion of me. I now know that any time I say “I had a good day”, the devil sends things to make me change my opinion about that sentence. I said it yesterday and he came for me in two major ways but I understood what God wanted me to do. As I’ve shared on the blog before, I have not faced opposition as much as I have this semester. Yesterday’s own got me weak, but not defeated. Now, I consciously live for the audience of one- God. It is better to learn now that no matter how good or bad one is, there are people that will still like or hate one. Do not become a boot-licker because you want to please people; please God instead.


These are my lessons for the week, what are yours?

Love always,




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  • Oluwatosin

    I learned not to get rigid with my plans, because God has his own plans for me and that will always come to fruition.
    Also to be teachable, by cooperating with the Holy Spirit to show me the deep things of God about situations around me.

    • This!!!
      God bless you Oluwatosin. Your lessons are also things I’m learning. God’s plans for me are greater and thought I sometimes feel I know better, God shows me time and time again that He definitely knows better!

      Thank you.

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