Lessons learned: Hard-work without grace is nothing.

Lessons learned: Hard-work without grace is nothing.

Hey hey hey!

Here are my lessons for the week.


1. Words will put you in trouble: Even positive words can put you in trouble. Anytime I say something in faith, I know a battle is about to start. One day, after work, I said how good and awesome the day was…but the battle waiting for me at school almost spoiled the whole day. I smelled the devil’s tactic and didn’t let him win. It happened this week too when I thanked God that I’d never been to the hospital since I got to Ghana. Guess who started feeling weak?
Oh well, I thank God for healing and that I am made whole. No battle will make me stop speaking positive things…devil, ntoi!

2. Don’t be a friend who lies: I’m probably everyone’s blunt friend. Sometimes I keep quiet about certain things because I don’t want to seem like the madam ‘know-all’ or like the only born-again in the room. A friend told me this week that she knows the bitter truth will always come from me and it’s the truth. I’ve learned that once I love you, I wouldn’t try to sugarcoat the truth, especially if I know that this is something that will be helpful. However, I’m learning to keep my opinion to myself at certain times because not everyone will understand that my truth is out of love.

3. Treat the signs: To be honest, I’ve had malaria signs for a while but I kept ignoring it. (The way many of us see signs in relationships/friendships but decide to ignore them). It finally hit me from Monday and on Wednesday, I was like a chicken. Lol. I’ve basically missed school this whole week, all because I didn’t treat the signs. No worries, I’m whole and healed. Taking things a step at a time…

4. Hard work without grace is nothing: Can I shout this! You can be hardworking but you can’t work as hard as a brick-layer. It is God that blesses the little you do once you’re in His will. You’re not self-made neither did you get here all by yourself. I have learned that everything I have and am is because of God. I sometimes feel like I’m doing too little, but get pleasant surprises that show me that everything in God’s hands is blessed. Hard work without grace is just suffer head, it is common hustle that will not bring results.


5. Patience wanes when it’s almost time for delivery: You people, I can’t wait to finish school. Lol. Honestly, I don’t think I’ve ever been as unserious about school as I have been this session. How can I be like this in my last year? I remember when my sis was almost 9 months pregnant, she couldn’t wait to see her baby! Now I know how she felt…I think.


6. Jesus is the standard: Your mentor, friend, teacher is not the standard; Jesus is. These people can help you, give great advice and even guide you as your mature, but they’re not Jesus. I started getting caught up with seeing some people as ‘superheroes’ and always wanted to know what they were doing, saying or going…Now, I can’t even keep up with myself. Haha. I’m kidding. I don’t know what’s wrong with me today o. But the lesson is that Jesus should be our standard as believers. We can ‘worship’ or idolize people if we’re not careful, so we must constantly remember that our saviour is our standard, the only one true God.


7. Thank God for the little things: This year 2016 is almost over and I have like 1000 lessons learned throughout the year. Lol. But everyday shows me that I have blessings that money can’t buy so I must be grateful and keep my child-like faith in God. The little things are actually what make our lives worth it- like the birth of a new child in the family, the smile of a mother, the support of a Father, the love of friends, health and growth…I saw a quote this year that inspired me to live everyday with joy and love. I don’t know the author but even added it to my mail signature:

Live in such a way that when you die, you will have lived long.


Here are my lessons for the week, what are yours?





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  • Haha! I really undestand your no.5. Was exactly in the same shoes some months back, the laziness ehn especially in the second semester, up to the extent that i was just asking God to guide me on areas necessary for my exams cos i coudn’t bring myself to read especially with research i had to do for project work. Thank God it all came to an end last month.

    More grace dear! God will see you through!

    • I am encouraged by your comment o! Gloryyyyyyy. Lol. I also have project work and I know God will see me through, because ‘I can’t go and come and go and kill myself.’
      Soon, I will also write ‘It all came to an end last month.’ AMEN.


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