Lessons Learned: God turns mistakes to miracles.

Lessons Learned: God turns mistakes to miracles.

Hey hey hey.
These are my lessons for the week, what are yours?

1. Be prepared: I went to work one day feeling fly. Haha. When I was home, one of my sisters was always complaining about how I dressed. I’m not a fashionista, to be honest, but that’s no reason to look shabby at anytime.

Anyway, I was shocked when my boss asked me to follow her for a meeting on the same day I was feeling fly. Lol. It made me realize that every believer ought to live ready. As for dressing, being born-again isn’t an
excuse to look anyhow because you never know who you may meet any day. You don’t have to break the bank to look good, just ask the Holy Spirit to help you combine your clothes well.


2. God turns mistakes to miracles: Almost every believer can testify to this truth that God turns mistakes for our sake. I made a mistake this week and was marvelled how God favoured me with the same mistake. I just sat and started hailing God because I knew I didn’t deserve it.


3. People still force people to marry: Someone shared how a friend got pregnant and is being forced to marry the father of her baby. She’s still in school and isn’t ready for marriage and this got me sad. Pregnancy should never be a reason someone is forced into marriage. Two mistakes don’t make things right…I know that God’s Will will be done concerning this lady in Jesus name.


4. The fights gets tough when you’re close to a breakthrough: We’re finishing school in few months by the grace and God; I must admit that this is my most unserious semester so far. Haha. I don’t know if I’m a ‘school-book’ kinda person but I’m usually serious with school but this session ehn…Anyway, it’s been a tough semester for my roomie and I. Many things happen and you’d just be like mumu because you want to honour God. There are people I’ve been tempted to reply, abuse, fight or slander this semester but it’s not worth it at all. My roomie was sharing yesterday how God helps us not to do many things. To be honest, God has our ‘mumu button’ because He doesn’t see things and people the way we see them so when people hurt us, He teaches us how to forgive.


5. Don’t ignore any word from God: A sis shared how she got a word from God early yesterday morning in Igbo. She didn’t know the meaning and had to Google and found out it meant ‘God of peace’. She immediately started praying with that word and declared peace over her loved ones. Her husband had a testimony when he returned home! Let’s just say he could have died, but God kept him and allowed prayers go up on his behalf. See why you should never ignore any strong leading from God? I have many personal testimonies and some from friends about how God helped another person because they didn’t ignore His word or leading to pray for them.


6. A relationship blossoms when God is involved: I see a lot of breakups and notice how many of them never involved God in the first place. Many people are too busy falling in lust and not love because love is more than those Nollywood soundtrack and feelings. Love is a decision to respect, honour and cherish someone regardless of what they’ve done. Anytime I look at my roomie, I marvel at how only God has helped us so far. I can’t believe I’ve lived with the girl my whole Ghana life but I can’t take the glory either. When two people include God in their relationship (whether marital or friendly), it will blossom because both can hear from God. So, even if one is being silly at a moment, God can speak to the other and heal things from there. We annoy one another like crazy, but love and respect each other too because God lives in our home.


These are my lessons for the week, what are yours?

Love always,




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  • Oluwatosin

    1. I learned to follow God’s leading by ignoring my own myopic view about my life. Most times God prevents us from somethings earlier enough but we human always like to ask God why so so and so didn’t work out as we’ve planned. There is a path before each person that seems right but it ends in death.
    2. Information is the key, never to stop learning.
    3. Learned to pray for someone,whenever I sense that in my spirit that I should pray for the person.
    4. Learned not to involve myself in an unnecessary argument.

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