Lessons learned: God is interested in every area of our lives.

Lessons learned: God is interested in every area of our lives.

Hey hey hey.

How are you, dear efamily?
(This is a VERY BUSY time for me. I don’t know if that excuse is good enough but I’m telling the truth.)

Here are my lessons for the week:

1. God is interested in every area of our lives: I spoke with a dear friend few days ago about fitness and I was edified after our conversation. As in, we started talking randomly about fitness and ended the conversation with God and how He’s been really involved in our ‘fitness’ walk. I’m not the most serious person when it comes to this, but I remember the very first day I went out to jog- it was God who woke me and encouraged me to go. It’s not only about fitness though. As I walk with Him daily, He shows me aspects of my life I haven’t really surrended and helps me to gradually leave it all to Him. So, is God interested in your fitness, love life, family, health, business, relationships, etc?
Yes, He is…


2. His ways are not our ways: I was telling my best girl yesterday the story of my Pastor because I was at Drama practice – where we were basically acting His life. He used to be a womanizer and a fervent drinker. As a matter of fact, he went to the service where he got saved because it was at a Hotel, so he thought there will be free alcohol after the service. Lol. Plus, be went with hangover. He didn’t know that God had plans because he was the only one that got saved that day and in summary, He’s now a Redeem Provincial Pastor. He will be 50, so we want to act something special. But when I shared it with my friend, she said how having that service at a hotel might have sounded stupid to the organizers. But the whole thing was probably just so my Pastor will be saved. Isn’t it true that many things God tells us to do are outrageous? Write a book and begin to speak to publisher without money, make traveling plans without passport, speak and pray with a stranger, pray for someone who hurt you…
The list I endless but we just have to realize that His ways aren’t our ways. As far as the earth is from the heavens, so His ways are higher than ours.


3. I’m getting better at marketing: Honestly, I think I’m ‘generally’ unserious. By that, I mean, I can play and laugh for Africa. (But people still say I’m strict, anyway…) Before, I’d just start laughing if you asked me to market anything but I’m now better at it. My boss asked me to market a ‘conference’ to her this week and when I was done, she actually hugged me! Lol. I was like ‘wawu’. I’m certainly not ‘there’ yet, but I’m better than when I started.


4. The blood of Jesus has made us qualified: Many times, I think of how ‘unworthy’ I am but instead of thinking that in a negative way, I just remember that though I’m unworthy on my own, the blood, death and resurrection of Jesus makes me worthy of new life and grace. I spoke at this webinar yesterday and I sincerely don’t know where the words came from.

Yesterday was such a busy day that I was super tired as I walked home after 10pm, but I was also super grateful. God doesn’t need qualified people anyway; He has His own way of qualifying the called- only if we will answer.


May God help us all.

These are my lessons for the week.

What are yours?



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God bless you so much.

Light and love,




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