Lessons Learned: God corrects those He loves.

Lessons Learned: God corrects those He loves.

Hey hey hey!

Here are my lessons for the week.

1. God prepares me before time: God asked me to read and study the book of Nehemiah some days/weeks back and I really enjoyed it. I learned so much and made many notes from this book of the Bible. What I loved most was that He actually prepared me by asking me to study this book because of certain things that later happened. When I got confused and asked questions, God assured me that He asked me to read about Nehemiah before time and that I should use the lessons learned from him to deal with my situation. This really humbled me and I’m just glad to belong to the household of God.

2. God corrects those He loves: I was doing something in school when a friend from class came and said he had been thinking of me. He had a dream and told me something that got me screaming in school. Haha. It was just so surreal that I almost couldn’t believe it. He told me about something I had been doing that God wanted me to stop. And guess what? I had been thinking of that same thing this morning so I knew it definitely wasn’t a coincidence. It got me thankful instead of sad because it reechoed how God loves me and corrects me if I’m wrong.

3. My mother is a drama queen: I love my Mum and had learned this lesson once, but I relearned it this week. Lol. I can’t even stay angry at her for too long because I think I act like her in many ways. Be truthful, do you think I’m a drama queen?

4. I can sleep on Instagram: This is one of my best social media platforms, probably because of its mixture of clear/high quality pictures and words. I’m a sucker for both so I find myself stalking spending much time on Instagram looking at pictures and reading peoples post. I must work on this though because stalking isn’t a profession or career. Plus, the app chops data like crazy!

5. To be an awesome friend, I need to be a good listener: I can talk! Trust me, God has blessed me with words. Lol. Especially with close friends or family, so I need to be careful not to let my words override that of others. Also, when I’ve not seen or spoken to a loved one for a while, I want to fill them in on what’s been up. I’m learning to be a better listener as I mature. Doesn’t mean I’d stop talking though, but there must be a balance.

6. I can’t please everybody: No long story here; we can’t please EVERYONE so no need to even try!

7. God is a God of motives: I’ve been asking God lately to show me my heart and motives. Haha. Not all have been funny but I’m still thankful. One time, my motive for a certain thing hit me so bad that I laughed out loud and said “Jesus, ahh, you don’t have to make it this strong and obvious na. But thank you for working on me all the same.”
Honestly, I laughed out loud in the presence of people because God had answered me and started showing me my heart. Try it, you might just be shocked about yourself. But it will ultimately make your grow and align yourself with God’s will instead of yours.

Here are my lessons for the week, what are yours?

Love always,


  • Oluwatosin

    1.I learned that faith and works are like simultaneous equation…they go together just like the body and spirit. A body without a spirit is dead.
    2.To be strategically positioned for God’s blessings.
    3.To ask for God’s mercy the moment I perceive temptation of sins that so easily and cleverly entangles one.

  • Jesus, the best heart surgeon ever! Infact, the days he started carrying out the grueling process, I was just you know what, thank you Jesus. I can see I’m not a good person and so you’re the only one that makes me good and sane. If not!! It’s now I’m seeing why Paul and Isaiah kept lamenting when they saw God. Like ah! I’m undone…lol. Paul called himself chief of sinners before redemption, Isaiah that had been decreeing woe was like Ahhhh, woe is me. hehe
    It just makes me appreciate God more and His love through Jesus. My desire is to please Him always.
    Nice lessons Bolaji.
    As for drama queen, uhhhhhhhhh, sometimes maybe. hehe. Okaybye.

    • Haha! I love your comment. Even these ‘Men of God’ were awed when God revealed a part of Himself to them. Their righteousness did not stand a chance before the Holiness of God, but thank God for the gift of grace and the access that we now have to enter the Holy of Holies.

      May we desire and continually grow in the knowledge of Christ! It’s so sweet to have people like you that I can share Jesus with.

      Thanks for reading. Haha. I’m a certified drama queen SOMETIMES…

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