Lessons learned: Fear and condemnation aren’t of or from God.

Lessons learned: Fear and condemnation aren’t of or from God.

Hey hey hey!

These are my lessons for the week…

1. Fear and condemnation aren’t of or from God: I’ve been led to do something early this year for social entrepreneurs in Ghana, but I noticed that fear has stopped me from doing anything.

Even till now, I’ve been slow about it because a part of me probably doesn’t feel worthy or feels afraid of the unknown. I even had to evaluate it this week. When I feel fear and condemnation, is it ever from God? When I feel unworthy or unqualified, is it God or the devil making me feel like that? I even started remembering all the times I’ve felt afraid to do something and how I later realized that it was only the devil trying to stop something great that Jesus wanted to do in my life. For example, I didn’t want to release ‘How I met God on Twitter‘ because I felt it was too close to the release of ‘Letters to our Fathers’. I was scared of people’s opinions and what they will say or think about me. Meanwhile, God clearly told me to start work on ‘How I met God on Twitter’ immediately after the Ghana book launch of ‘Letters to our Fathers’. Now that the book is released, though short, I can’t believe the impact it has had and how convincted people have been from reading it. I got a message from a friend I’ve only met online who basically spilled a lot of secrets because of one single chapter of the book. Please, understand that this lesson isn’t all about a book, but how the feeling of fear and condemnation can keep us from a lot of things God wants to do in and through us. Whenever you feel this way, you ought to evaluate your thoughts and move in spite of fear because it is not God that paralyzes us like that.


2. My destiny is not selfish: Neither is yours! The moment we realize, especially as believers that we’re saved to serve, our perspective about a lot of things will change. Even your life itself is supposed to be poured out in a manner of love to God so that others can be blessed and drawn to the kingdom. This means that when you’re being disobedient to God and His instructions, you may have many good excuses, but they will all be selfish when you get to the root of the matter. There will just be a big dose of pride in any form of disobedience because no destiny is ever selfish. It is never all about you.


3. No better place than the secret place: One of my scriptures for the year is Psalm 91:1- He who dwells in the secret place of the Most High Shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty.
I can go North, East, South and West; but there’s no place like the secret place with God. I’m learning to enjoy my walk with God and be content with my portion so much that I want more shelter in His secret place this year. No man is my hope, neither can they be the shadow I abide under; except God. So, I’m learning to fight many of my battles in prayer and thanksgiving. No better place than the secret place.

4. Fast your opinions: Haha! No need to spend too much time talking about this lesson. This is something a dear friend shared with me that a pastor or friend had shared with her. ‘Fast your opinions’, even as you fast from food. Lol. People don’t have to know what to think about a matter all the time so I now evaluate if my words are really NEEDED, if they’re not, then I’m learning that I better fast my opinions.


5. True friends remain friends even when they don’t talk all the time: I don’t talk to most of my closest friends every single day, but when we do, we update one another and flow like we’ve talked every single day. Honestly, one of the best things in life is to have Godly friends. This week, a friend (who I haven’t seen since we left Secondary School) and I sent messages and prayers back and forth to one another and it made my heart so glad to know that no distance is too far when it comes to the connection of spirits. When two friends are believers, there’s a special friendship they share, even when they don’t talk all the time.


These are my lessons for the week, what are yours?

Light and love,




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  • Aramide

    True friends remain friends even if they don’t talk all the time, this is so true, I and some of my friends don’t get to talk all the time but when we do, we just flow. I made a decision recently when I told my friend about it, she was like we have been praying for you to make the right decision, I was really touched.

    One lesson I learnt this morning from John 1: John the Baptist never ascribed any glory to himself, he Pointed to Christ all through his life, he fulfilled his purpose, his disciples left him when he said this is the lamb of God and he didn’t even stop them.

    Hmmn that secret place, that’s the real deal, I have been slacking in that area for a while now and when I got to study this morning, when I worshipped I was like see what have been missing, the peace, the fellowship was awesome, I was now wondering why I have been running away.

    Another lesson for me is to carry a note or journal around and immediately ideas, revelations etc drops, write immediately.

    Thanks B! More wisdom

    • More wisdom to you too sis.

      I write ideas that ‘drop’ on KEEP, an app on my phone where I write my articles and to-do lists; if I’m not with my paperback journals.

      Indeed, that part about John the Baptist and how he always put the spotlight on Jesus. I thought about that last week too- that any Christianity that puts the spotlight on any human is fake and ungodly.
      We live to bring glory to God and show people the way- Jesus.
      Indeed, friends (real friends) always have a lot to say even when they don’t speak all the time.

      Thanks for sharing dear. God blesssssssss. ♥

  • Kayode Aseweje

    Hey Bolaji. I’m sure you’re doing really good. One lesson i learn week in week out is that God CARES, even about every little detail in our lives. I can’t even begin to recount how many things happened that were just so timely, you would know this was God. I’m still tempted to think sometimes that God must be fed up with me for doubting so much, but you just reminded me that that’s from the devil. I just pray to always remember to have the fact that God cares, whether or not he does anything visible about situations, as enough for me.

    • I’m great Kayode. Hope you’re awesome too?

      Thank you for sharing your lesson for the week! Love it…
      This is something I learn as I walk daily with God too. HE CARES, even about the smallest things.

      I remember how I asked Him for help last 2 weeks when I wanted to go and buy gas. All cabs were giving ridiculous prices. I stood on the road and prayed for help…Guess what happened?
      An old man drove past and stopped by me, took me to the gas station and back because that was EXACTLY where he was going. He bought his gas, I bought mine and he dropped me in front of my house, where he picked me.
      I was left in awe of God and how He answers when we pray about the smallest things.
      We must not let the devil put fear in our hearts about anything, but must always remember that God cares. ♡

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