Lessons from my mentors: Raquel Jacobs.

Lessons from my mentors: Raquel Jacobs.

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So, drum roll…

I’m introducing you to Raquel Jacobs on our ‘Lessons from my mentors’ segment today.

Whenever I hear the song- “Against all odds, yet still I rise…” I think of Raquel.

With all she’s doing now, you’d think she was born in a home with water bed and gold plates for food.



Raquel had to fight her way to the top. From her, I learned that a resilient spirit can accomplish anything. Your background doesn’t determine your future.

You’re the only barrier to your success because no one else can stop a determined spirit.

She lost her parents at a young age and literally ran to Lagos to start over. She was young and without a ‘home’.

On her blog, she shared how she slept many nights under bridges in Lagos and dwelt with commercial sex workers. She was saved from 4 near rape experiences, but took her Bible to everywhere she found herself.

Talk about a resilient spirit!

Sometimes I wonder how she loves God so fervently with all she’s been through, but to her, her scars are a living proof of His faithfulness.


What are you going through now?
Does it seem insurmountable?
Are you with your Bible?

Then read what God says about you in it.

I think one of the things that must have kept Raquel going was her hope that ‘One day, all these things God has said about me must come to pass.’

She could easily have ‘made it’ by becoming a commercial sex worker and I’m sure they asked her to join them many times…

But guess what she did?

She started selling Zobo. (A red drink made from local leaves.)

(Haha. Ntoi to the devil ooo. How mad he must have been seeing her take the ‘hard’ route when he had given her an ‘easy’ one to become a prostitute.)

Matthew 7:13
Enter through the narrow gate. For wide is the gate and broad is the road that leads to destruction, and many enter through it.


She took the narrow route and I’m grateful she did.

If you’re aiming at something, don’t stop because the process got tough.
Stop when you reach the goal.

I’m sure Raquel hasn’t reached ‘the goal’ yet because I believe God still has so much more for her.

Now, she’s the founder of Club31 Woman, a for-purpose initiative aimed at grooming girls and women after Gods heart.
She founded Beyond the Classroom Foundation which works with public schools over a period of time to develop and help the students become the best they can be- beyond their classrooms.


I remember how I connected with her. It was so unexpected. I’m part of a group on Facebook called Afriscope. They help newbie periscope users (like me) to grow their platform.
We were to share an inspiring story and I shared Raquel’s story and titled it- DON’T WASTE YOUR PAIN.

Her experiences and past pains are propelling her to extend a loving hand to underprivileged people.

She knows how it feels and she isn’t wasting her pain.

I stalk her and the proof is that I’ve written this whole post from my head. Lol.
(She’s doing a lot of things I see myself doing- she’s into development and there’s where my heart is.)

What I love most is that she doesn’t forget her God in all she does. She’s quick to give Him all the glory.

And may I never forget God too.
May we all never forget- when we get to where He promised to take us- may we never forget that it was God all the way.



My prayer is that these posts will bless and encourage you in many ways. That you’d see that there’s nothing sweeter than a relationship with God.

Have a glorious time ahead.

Love always,


P.S- I used canva.com to design a photo for our book coming out next month. It’s not the REAL cover o, but I liked the picture and wanted to design something…Lol.

Does editing bore you- (2)

Do you like it?

Haha. I love you all. See ya!


  • Ashley Ekwedike

    I think you are simply awesome. I’m hooked to your write-ups already. Hope to see the greater things God will do in and through you. Mobolaji, I salute you!

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