Lessons from my mentors: Benedicta O. A

Lessons from my mentors: Benedicta O. A

Hey hey heeeey.



Let me confess- I did not feel like blogging today. But since feelings aren’t meant to rule us, I sent the feeling on a holiday. Today’s post is about my first boss.

Isn’t it great to work for someone who does not only care about your career, but your personal life too?

Technically, I don’t work for her anymore but I still call her my boss. It’s been about 3 years I actually worked under her. Everyone called her Ben, so I’m referring to her anywhere you see Ben in this post.

I remember how I had told Ben about my Calabar roommate and how my best soup was Afang. (Thank God for my roommate, if not, I’d not have known that my best soup was made in another part of Nigeria.) Ben was/is calabar, so I begged her she agreed to make Afang for me.

How many bosses can do that? Lol.

When she made the soup, everyone in the office attacked both of us. Hahaha. You see, Afang is not the type of soup you want to microwave in an office because EVERYONE will smell it. The soup was so much that I couldn’t finish it in one day. So, I kept it in the freezer at work and made a terrible mistake the next day. I warmed it.


Let’s just say the office smelt of Afang soup that whole day and everyone bombarded my boss and accused her of being partial. She had to promise to make Afang for everyone who asked.



Few months ago, I put up a picture of a close friend and I on bbm. It was his birthday so I was very ‘mushy’ with my message about him. My boss quickly pinged and asked- ‘Is that him?’

I laughed and quickly answered her that he was just a friend. She then started advising me about how to go about a Godly relationship and asked me to tell her when I started dating him. Whoever the him is…Lol.

I’ve learned so much from Ben. But my most important lesson is that I am not BETTER than those that are subordinate to me. I am only privileged and I can instead help them up. She taught me that being a Boss didn’t mean being a witch because she was always ready to help me when I did not understand things. (And I did not understand a lot in that HR world.)

I am grateful for people like her who guide others. Ben made me promise myself to be an awesome boss, and I’m never going back on that promise.

I will be firm when I need to, but I will be friends with those who work for me. I will guide and love them. I will tell them about God and Godly relationships. I will make Afang if I have to, I’m hoping I don’t. I will ask about people’s health and families. I will answer their silly questions and ask them too. I will buy cakes on their birthdays and sing ‘Happy birthday to you.’

I will do all of these, because Ben did most of them for me. And I was a novice 18 year old Level 100 student on my first job. But it was a great experience.

Will you also take the grace someone has shown you to another person?

It’d be really nice.



I smiled while writing this. It felt like I was holding balloons in my heart. LOL.

I only hope you’ve learned a thing or two.

Aside from having mentors, become a mentor to someone too.

Be a guide that someone can refer to, years after they met or worked for you.

Have a blessed time ahead!

Love always,



  • chukwuma

    It’s nice learning from your boss. Learning the good part and path.
    I had one sometime ago, we were not matchable in any way. But daily he advices me on how to be good and a better person. I remember one saturday he locked the office immediately we arrived for work and he spent almost three hours talking to me about his life, mistakes and all.
    I loved his company and he appreciates my presence too but still nothing can be said to make us likeable friends. we were different.

    We most times have that good boss!

    p.s. you made promises up there, and they are binding lolzzzzzz.

    have a blest week ahead.

    • It was really nice!
      Lol. Your story about your boss is kinda funny. He sounds nice, though you both can’t seem to match.

      Just keep showing him God’s love, even when you don’t work with him.

      Yes o. Big promises, but God can indeed help us all to be good to others…

      Thanks bro. Have a pleasant time ahead…

  • scholes

    came across your blog on an old friend’s page, I must confess it’s really fascinating to read close to four articles in one night and wanting to read more. mobolaji, thanks for the inspiration…

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