Lesson Learned from My First Speaking Engagement

Lesson Learned from My First Speaking Engagement

Hey hey hey!

I was invited to speak at Ibadan by Tosin, a lovely Jesus girl who was my one year junior in Secondary School.

We’re now sisters in Christ and it was so good seeing her yesterday after 6 years. (Thank you, Tosin, for the privilege of sharing a part of my story at your event yesterday.)

Apart from speaking at school fellowship and to people individually, yesterday was my first life speaking engagement and it was outside Lagos.

I woke early because I didn’t want to be late and God was faithful. He made the driver pass a certain road to first drop me before turning back to drop others at Iwo Road.

Naturally, I’ll have gone to Iwo Road and then found my way from there. In fact, Tosin’s description of how to get to her church had Iwo Road in it, but God knew better.

I had gotten to the venue when I heard that Iwo Road was a no-go area as there was a serious clash between the Police and drivers because someone had been killed.

The event hadn’t started, but I started thanking God for making the driver drop me first. I’ll have probably been late to the event if God hadn’t stepped in and broken protocol for me. (I love you Lord, thank you!)

The event started with worship and then it was time for the first speaker. He had so much passion and energy (I started wondering how my session will be, Lol). The first speaker was good at this! He’s a public speaker, so this was his ‘thing’. I stayed calm and asked God to help me.

I didn’t have a note ready, but had written down the verses God asked me to share. When it was my turn, I was clearly anxious at first. I guess because I immediately started comparing myself with the first speaker, moved away from the pulpit and wanted to walk around like he did…

Then God said, go back, stand behind the pulpit and flow from there! Haha.

Glad I listened because the anxiousness flew when I obeyed God and acted like myself.
Like David, I removed Saul’s armour.


Then Saul gave David his own armor—a bronze helmet and a coat of mail. David put it on, strapped the sword over it, and took a step or two to see what it was like, for he had never worn such things before. “I can’t go in these,” he protested to Saul. “I’m not used to them.” So David took them off again. He picked up five smooth stones from a stream and put them into his shepherd’s bag. Then, armed only with his shepherd’s staff and sling, he started across the valley to fight the Philistine.
1 Samuel 17:38‭-‬40 NLT


Before long, I noticed everyone was quiet (just like the time I shared a Word in school fellowship). It dawned on me that God never gives me ‘feel-good’ messages. Almost like people aren’t excited to hear me, Lol, but I know they’re quiet because they’re listening.

I shared my story (a part of it), how God chose my course of study in the University, how He provided for Feed the Homeless 1 & 2, how he asked me to say NO to Mobil when they called me last year for an internship and say YES to another job without pay.

It was more of a career, passion/talent event so not much needed to be shared about relationships and the likes.

But because Tosin had asked me to share a bit on Purpose, I shared how God taught me that He HIMSELF is my purpose. Anything I get to do under Him with my gifts and talents have something to do with my calling/ministry. But the gift is never greater than the giver. Jesus Himself is the purpose.

I shared how it is so important to know God personally and know His will for your life. God talks to us as His children and that helps us know or have an idea where He wants us to serve under Him.
Knowing that is important, because it will keep us from unnecessary mistakes and failures.

I kinda talked more about the Word than about career sef. Lol. But I remember my very last sentence: Let’s align ourselves with the Word of God.

I came back to Lagos same day and got home before 9 pm. My mother was sitting outside waiting for me, she had been reading Psalms on my head because I told her I was taking a bike.

I’m grateful for the opportunity. Grateful for the people I met after a long time and the new faces I saw.

Grateful that I was wise enough to obey God quick and not mess up my entire session by trying to be like someone else.

I learned that it pays to be radically obedient to God (or stand a chance to fool yourself) and that I was better as Bolaji. There’s never a need to act like someone else.

I enjoyed it, loved it actually because I knew it was a seed and that people were blessed.

But if I never get another opportunity to speak, I’ll be more than satisfied with Jesus Christ being the Centre of my life.

I’m grateful that the ‘I Am’ loves me.


I might do a Part B and summarize the whole event and lessons learned from each session. (Let me know if you’ll like that)


Love and light,



P.S: I never scarf my hair! Haha. Thank God Tosin had informed me about the protocol in her church. So, I decided to kuku go as the full Yoruba princess that I am. Shout out to my sis for the outfit!


  • Hahahaha, I loved the exposition to the name of God ‘I am’, and you said if God my father is i am then that means me Bolaji ‘i am’ ‘i just am’. Me self o oluwatosin ‘i am’ daughter of the ‘i am’. Thanks sis. We were all richly blessed. I’m glad you were yourself o.

  • Thanks for sharing you and putting this up, Mo. Obedient and trust is the surest way to success. Glad you obeyed. You took me way back to my very first “speaking engagement” – how being shy almost made me fail a course. Lol. That moment PUSHED me (in every sense of the word) to public speaking. Now I am even inspired to share it with the world.

    You nailed it with that scarf mehn! Yoruba princess on point. And with that fabulous Ankara dress, you sure would get more invites. You are beautiful sis. 🙂

    Looking forward to part 2.

    • Aww thanks Amaka!

      I’m not even shy in public, to be honest, but I do get anxious right before I speak. Even in class presentations, but once I start, I’m fine.

      But this meant more to me (obviously) because it was a spiritual setting and I needed to share what God asked me to.

      And yes, my sis helped me nail the Yoruba princess look! Lol. Thanks sis. ❤

  • Chukwuma

    Lols, it is not an easy something as a first timer in public speaking. Just remembering my first days talking to a crowd. It wasn’t easy at all oh, starting from when I was made the Head Boy in my school and was called to come and do an impromtu speech and other occasions especially addressing older people.
    The only thing is “Be Yourself” and ask God to help you to remember what you are to say at every point in your presentation.
    Thank God your listeners were blessed and that is what is necessary and not how your presentation was done.

  • Oluwatoyin

    God bless you for sharing!! So grateful for God aligning your Journey, it’s amazing He does that all the time. perks of serving an omniscience God!

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