Learn How To Negotiate for Your Career Growth

Learn How To Negotiate for Your Career Growth

This article focuses on two parts:

  1. The art of negotiating to get better deals for your organization or employer.
  2. The art of negotiating to get a raise or more benefits at work.

Why is it important to learn to negotiate, especially as a professional?

It’s because it isn’t a skill meant only for the meat market but is needed for everyday life – especially as you strive for career growth.

Negotiation as seen on google is a:

– discussion aimed at reaching an agreement.

– discussion(s), talks, consultation(s), deliberation(s), dialogue, bargaining.

A lot of the times, we’re all negotiating about different things in our lives, work, relationships, but don’t realize it.

Negotiation is a skill and it can be learnt, but to become a successful negotiator, you must understand that negotiating is mutually beneficial. You dialogue to get the best deal for both parties. Therefore, in negotiation, no one should feel cheated.

To the first part: the art of using negotiation skills to get better deals for your organization or employer.

As an employee, you should always look out for your organization. Companies value staff that either help get money or keep money. Always try to get the best deals for your organization, without compromising on quality.

Truth is, everything, particularly in this part of our world, is negotiable. You don’t have to take the first bill – negotiate.

Take full responsibility for your work and help manage money where possible. If you frequently work with artisans and vendors on behalf of your company, negotiate to get the best rates – just like you’ll do for yourself.

Now, here’s how to negotiate to get a raise or more benefits at work.

Remember, no organization likes to lose money. Even when you’re negotiating for a raise, remember this.

Ask yourself tough questions before you make such a move.

Questions like:

– What value do I really bring to the table in this organization?

– How has my work directly or indirectly helped them keep or raise money?

Don’t go and ask for a raise that’ll make you lose your job.

Be confident before making such negotiations that you at least bring much value to the table. Negotiate beyond just salary; there’s health insurance, travel allowance, car maintenance, housing assistance, remote work few days of the week, loans and other benefits that can help you keep more money from your salary.

Now, to the skill itself and how to develop it…

Negotiation is dialogue. It is also bargaining.

If you see it as a dialogue, it might help you reduce the fear of negotiating a raise or other such things. You already talk and try to make your opinions heard every day, don’t you?

Learn to clearly state your advantage; why is your product better? Why should you get a fatter bonus at the end of the year?

Be clear and confident about your advantage. But always note that negotiation is mutually beneficial. It isn’t to the detriment of one party.

If you feel cheated, negotiation wasn’t done right.

If the other party feels cheated, negotiation wasn’t done right.

Both parties table stuff down and dialogue in order to meet at a middle ground that leaves everyone happy.

That’s what negotiation is.

This will help you going forward. Always make it seem like both parties left with something great.

You can be shy but negotiate.

You can be humble but negotiate.

Remember this as you move up in your career.

Stay humble, but negotiate to get the very best deals for yourself and your organization.

Learn it. Get better at it. Benefit from it!

Read more on the skill of negotiation here.

All the best!





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