Jesus, the reason.

Jesus, the reason.

Hey hey hey.

This statement got me thinking since I heard it…

If you’ve never won a soul, what then are you really celebrating?

You see, every year, it seems people water down the essence of Christmas more and more. It has become more about the holiday, the trees/decorations and food rather than about Jesus Christ, the Son of God.

People argue whether or not today was the exact day Jesus was born and to be honest, the date isn’t the point, the person is. Jesus came to this world and died for you and I. He paid the price that we might live with Him here and eternally.

“On a hill, there’s a cross
On that cross, there is blood for me
For me…”

There was and still is blood for us today. The blood of Jesus set us free from the law of sin and death. Now, we can reign with Him in glory.

Let us not forget.
We must remember why this time is set apart every year and celebrate it everyday of our lives.

Jesus, the reason.
Everyday, the season.

Christmas isn’t a one-off thing that is kept for the end of each year; but a testimony so great that we ought to share with the world.
When we keep quiet about our faith, we’re monopolizing the saving grace that has been extended to us by God.

Jesus is the sweetest thing that ever happened to me and today, like everyday, I celebrate His humble birth.

If he hadn’t been born, there would have been no death or resurrection for my sake. His birth was a seal to His promise to come for me, and He is coming again.

And I will be ready. I will be His bride and He will be my bridegroom.

Jesus, the one that satisfies and gives everlasting water to the thirsty.
The one who fills the spiritually hungry.
The one who puts a mark on His beloved that sets them apart.
The one whose praise we sing forever.
The one who is more real than the air we breathe.
Jesus, the son of God, oh, how I believe in you.

Emmanuel, you’re the one with me.
The one with us.
Jesus, you’re the reason.

Merry Christmas!


Love always,




Did you guys miss me? Lol. I missed you too but I needed the break. 💕

Thank you to everyone who checked on me or silently made a mental note to do so. God bless you.

God bless us all.

Have a joy-filled Christmas and a blessed new year.


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