Itunu releases two amazing books today.

Itunu releases two amazing books today.

Hey hey hey!

If you know me (even a bit), you’ll know that I’m a sucker for good fiction. Obviously, as a believer, it’s not easy to find fictional books/stories that honour God.

But when I found Itunu’s blog, I was hooked! If there was any award for the person with the most comments, I would have won it hands-down. Lol.

There was just something about her blog that was so refreshing and you could sense it even in the non-fictional posts. There was (and still is) a soft flow in her words that compel you to want to know God the way she does. There’s a love they share that any stranger can see from just reading her blog.

I love her posts and fictional series; but Dear Diary stands out for me. (To read the 2 lessons I learned from that series, check my last post on Instagram, @mobolaaji). The story was just not your everyday Christian fiction. It was real, and we were allowed into the life of Moyo…

My dear Moyo…

Anyway, Dear Diary will be released today and Stolen Kisses too (see flyer). I’d be a stingy person not to share this with you guys, so head over to her blog, myglowingscenes.com to get all the updates and where you can purchase the books.

God bless you!

Love and light,






  • Just return back to Nigeria so I can give you a big tight warm hug and decorate your face with kisses. Thanks a lot babe! I appreciate this. God knows I do.

    Much love dear. xo!

    • Haha. I will be expecting my hug and kisses o! Be back soon, by God’s grace!

      Well done, sis. God bless the works of your hands and continually use you as salt and light for His glory. Amen.


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