It’s Been Five Years Of Blogging!

It’s Been Five Years Of Blogging!

Hey hey hey! (Remember this?)

I started writing on omobolaji.com on the 8th of January, 2015 and it’s hard to believe that five whole years have passed since then!

On the blog, I opened up like I had never done before. I wrote about my struggles and wins. I wrote about the time I had only N145 on me when I returned to Nigeria from Ghana and how God sent me an angel who helped me out. I wrote about the struggle to pay my fees during some semesters and how God told me that He was going to pay it all in full. I wrote about my past and how God’s grace rescued me from a meaningless life.

Oh, I wrote!

So, a few weeks ago when I mistakenly lost hundreds of my blog posts, I almost fainted. Lol. I am glad I was able to get these precious words back because they will always serve as a reference point to the power of God.

As we mark five beautiful years, I have some news to share! Whoop whoop.

When we started, omobolaji.com was just a blog but now, it’s a full-blown website. Sort of like my HQ where I get to share different sides of me. Recently, I started calling myself #ChristsCreative and to be honest, I express that in many different ways. I want omobolaji.com to show that.

There’s so much ahead and the next five years here will be the most amazing yet! Think of this as a hub where you will have access to useful and relevant tools to help you grow as a professional or business owner.

Come grow with us!

Love and light,



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