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Dear diary,

I remember few years ago on this same day, my mates were already waiting for me by 12 to beat me very well. I still don’t know where that idea to beat people on their birthdays came from; but it eventually led to me crying.

Imagine. They beat me so hard, I actually started to cry real tears. Lol. My roommate (who was a senior) had to send everyone out of our room so I could sleep; but they still beat me during the day. Mschew.

I know they used to beat and pour water on everyone on their birthdays, but I guess mine was worse because I was mean. It was the only way they could get back at me. Haha.

As I said here, I don’t feel many of the butterflies I used to feel as a child on this day. It doesn’t seem like my birthday, but, it is.

I can’t tell if this feeling is a lack of gratefulness or some kinda emptiness, but it’s a lie; because I’m eternally grateful to see this day again. It might not look exactly the way I’ll have painted my life on my own; but I’m glad I don’t get to even paint my own life. There’s a better artist than me and He knows how to paint broken and unusable things into beautiful artwork.
That’s what He’s doing with my life.

As I prayed before bed yesterday, I told Him I’m very grateful because if I was Him; I’ll have snapped me out te te! I’ll have become so tired of my own inconsistency that I’ll have drawn life out at any more mistake; but the painter has kept me till now.

Dear diary, how can I not be grateful?

I even thought I’ll write myself a letter; probably to my younger or older self, but I really don’t know if I have words like that. I doubt I have the ability to express myself. In fact, I think it’s much better to write myself a letter, the me of today, because there’s so much I want to tell Mobolaji.

I hope she’ll listen and not let her heart wander around.

It doesn’t seem like it, but it’s my birthday and I’m grateful.

Dear diary, it’s your turn, what would you like to tell Mobolaji? She’s listening.

Love and light…


  • Joy

    Hey B. I decided to send the birthday wishes here, since a week or so before I did a pre birthday wish here, hahaha completing what i started sontin…

    I remember the first time I met you, it was at Lekki conservation center for the TWTW meet.. What stayed with me was the selfless way in which you carried me (on your legs o with my heavy bumbum lol)to save my transport and chatted with me,so i wont feel so conscious, till we got to our various bus stops. That made me know, yeah this babe is different…

    I thank God for you and i thank God for the privilege of knowing you and praying with you,although briefly (covers face)..

    There are alot of experiences God has used u to help me through that I can write a long epistle about, but let’s leave that one lol

    Soooooo *drum roll* happy birthday B, I wish you God’s best for you this new year, I pray that He would love and protect you, and that nothing would ever take you away from His path..May He give you all you need and what you want as well, because He is a good Father like that.

    Keep being the vessel of God to this generation babe. Love you

    • Joy! THANK YOU! I’m replying almost a month after (because I think I finally get myself), but I’m so grateful for your comment. And I’m grateful for you.
      I’m grateful for your growth and how God has used us for one another.

      I remember that day too, but I count it as a privilege.

      Amen to your prayers and I pray the same for you. Thank you for being my sister. You are loved!!!

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