Interview with Mobolaji. (Questions by Blog readers)

Interview with Mobolaji. (Questions by Blog readers)

Hey hey heey!


I sent a mail to blog subscribers yesterday to ask me any questions. (See why you should subscribe?) I got only one reply and I’d be answering the questions here, including the one I was asked on WhatsApp by a blog reader turned friend. I tried to get another male to answer a few questions, but it didn’t quite work out- maybe another month. Here it goes.


  1. How do you find time to write? Do you have a specific process for coming up with titles and developing content?

I write anytime, anywhere and anyhow. LOL. Seriously, I try to write things down as soon as they drop. I have an app called KEEP on my phone and that app is a life saver.

I mistakenly deleted it and will download it again. It not only helps to store my to-do list, it keeps my content. I have things I wrote a long time ago and I’ve never been scared, because they’re safe there. Most times, I write my articles there and then move them to the blog. The best thing about KEEP is that it saves your contents. When my former phone suddenly crashed, I thought I had lost it all. Surprisingly,  all my contents popped up few days after I downloaded it on my new phone. I think it’s a google app.

I don’t have a time-table for writing at all. And if I’m somewhere where I can’t scribble something down, I just write a title and leave hints for myself so that I don’t forget what it was I wanted to write about. I don’t have a specific process, as seen from all my story above.


2. How do you cope with tough and depressing situations?

I recently just found out that I find it hard to share deep stuff with people. Some weeks back, I was battling depression and didn’t even know it. A close friend was kinda upset with me for not sharing, so, I’m learning to be more open with my feelings. I think I’ve adapted to being the encourager so much that I don’t like to ask for encouragement.

How do I cope? I sincerely don’t know.

One thing I try to do is overflow myself with messages! I’m not even joking. If I could choke on messages, I would have by now. I remember when I could not attend school because I had not paid my fees, I listened to Mensa Otabil’s messages on faith day and night! I still cried and often felt unhappy, but they really helped me.

Even while I cried, I knew I was going to stop in a minute and still trust God. See, depression is a spirit and must be fought back with the Spirit of God. The Spirit of God gives faith, trust, love, friends, forgiveness, etc. I also like to think in retrospect of things God has done for me. Like the school fees matter, God showed up with something we had been after for many years, but it came through at the point of need. That has built my faith for finances.

When I think about how I sat home for years while my mates got into school, and how God helped me through that time and brought me to Ghana- it makes me trust that my future will be taken care of.

Do you know that in my level 200, God reminded me of a day in my JSS3 (Junior Secondary School). I sat in the passenger seat of my dad’s car while he was driving and I told him I was going to school in Ghana. It made me stop what I was doing, because it was like God played a movie scene. I could even see the gown I was wearing!

God took the tiniest prayer I made when I wasn’t even born-again and made sure it came to pass!

When we remember many things God has done for us, depression will fly.

It might seem like I’m talking nonsense, but it works. Also, I surround myself with people that celebrate and love me. I play music A LOT too. I play music while bathing, cooking, sweeping, sleeping (sometimes), etc. These songs are spirit-filled songs and I can’t be depressed while listening to them. How can you be jamming to ‘I AM NOT FORGOTTEN, I AM NOT FORGOTTEN, GOD KNOWS MY NAME!!!’ and be depressed?

(These are the things that work for me. Please, share what works for you so we learn too.)


3. How do you schedule time (and stick it it) for your prayers and Bible study? Don’t you get lazy or tired sometimes?

Haha. You people, I am not superwoman o. I get VERY lazy and tired many times, but I have gotten to a point where I know that I can’t go back. On my wall in School, I have many quotes and scriptures pasted. One comes to mind by Joyce Meyer- A believer is never stagnant. It’s either you are going up or down. If you feel like you’ve been on one spot for so long- you are wrong, because you are actually deteriorating as a Christian. (Paraphrased.)

Late last year, I felt God wanted me to begin to spend night times with Him. So, I have an alarm that goes off at 8pm to remind me to spend time in God’s presence. I’m not always consistent, but because it is spirit-led, I download every time I stick to our meeting. I can be writing for an hour in my journal anytime I spend my 8pm time with God.

Also, I wouldn’t say I have scheduled a time, but I do spend time with God every morning. I pray after reading the word and sometimes, I pray after midnight if I am led. Many times during the day, I pray simple prayers like ‘God, help me!’ I learned this from Joyce Meyer. Simple prayer are still prayers. When I don’t know what to pray about, I pray in tongues. Sometimes, I run to the toilet at work (it’s pretty neat), kneel and pray. Haha.

I’m at a stage where I want to be more disciplined, but my encouragement is that God did not bring me this far to leave me. Devil has totally lost this one, sorry!


4. Are you in a relationship?

Kikikikikiki (I’d never understand people that type laughs like this. Do you really laugh and sound- kikikikikikikiki) LOL.

To the question, I’m in a relationship with Christ Jesus, the Saviour. LOL. Gosh, I’m unserious.

Nope. I’m a single lady, searching for me. And to be honest, I would be VERY private when I do get in a relationship.


That’s it guys! I can talk sha (more like write). Just 4 questions and I’ve written thesis. Thanks to those who took time out to ask! Plenty love.

I hope you got a lesson or two from our Writers Connect Interview today?

Next week, I’d begin the Lessons Learned segment. One lesson this week was that people disappear  when it’s time to pay up their debt! Haha. My internship ends today and I also learned that Ecclesiastes 3:1 is true- there is a season and time for everything.

Have an amazing weekend ahead.

Love always,



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  • Kikikikikiki, I laugh along with you.

    Content answer is sooo me. I just jot down stuff.

    Music too is a huge defence against depression.. and on relationship *clears throat* kikikiki.

    *love you girl!

  • Hey Mobolaji! This is the second time I’m visiting your blog (someone sent me a link to a post a while back) and I like it:) Keep up the GOD work!

    It was great learning more about you with this.

    P.S. This is my first time of seeing kikiki o lol. So people e-laugh like that these days

  • Which one is kikikiki again? Hmmn, it is well o. lol. The things we won’t see in this life. I remember about 9-10 years ago in my lesson at the time where a teacher was saying the kiss sound can’t be spelt. Look at our present day, kiss is spelt as Mwahhh.Lmao.

    I know I can always see you behind the scenes to ask you anything I want to. Hehe.
    I think I have to look for that KEEP app thing. I think my writing process is similar to yours. Sometimes I may not even know what to write in a certain episode, I pray and God just inspires me and it flows. I think that’s a process of trusting and Faith on it’s own and it’s been beautiful so far.

    Talking to God also eases my depression when it comes. Music is wonderful too. I remember feeling alone and was about sinking again when I just played Kari Jobe and everything seemed to be alright and I felt myself basking in God’s arms. See the importance of spirit filled songs and messages. It is vital!

    It was nice knowing more about you Bolaji. xoxoxoxoxoxoxox 😀

    • Ahh! I pray you people see stuff on social media that have kikikikiki in them- just remember where you first learned it. LOL. Even ‘LOL’ is a phenomenon we never ‘espered’.

      Itunu, KEEP will ‘helep’ ya market! I’m not even kidding. I mistakenly deleted it and as I said- all my articles and to-do’s were still there when I downloaded it again yesterday or so. Nothing like writing what God has placed on one’s heart- such a blessing!
      Plus, Spirit-filled songs are so helpful and uplifting. It’s not about ‘GBAGBA-GBOGBO’ that does nothing for the Spirit man.

      It’s nice knowing you know more about me Itunu. LOL.

      Love ya! And thanks for leaving your thoughts.

  • Lovely post….thank you for reminding me that God always comes through, no matter how tough the situation is. And the answer to the 3rd question is epic…God is a rewarder of those that diligently seek him.
    Great job on your blog,

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