Interview with Mayowa (Matey Scott)

Interview with Mayowa (Matey Scott)

Mobolaji: Hey Mayowa! Thank you so much for granting this interview today. We’re delighted to have you.

Mayowa: Thank you so much for having me Mobolaji. I have fallen in love with your blog since Twitter connected us.

Mobolaji: Please, introduce yourself to the efamily.

Mayowa: Okay. My name is Mayowa Depo Oyedokun. I am the second of 3 girls. I study law at the university of Kent, UK. I write. Just recently released my first book, “It’s your life to lead” which can be gotten from here. I am in a relationship with God and I believe so much in impacting children from a young age. I call it ‘catch them young’

Mobolaji: Ok, it’s the end of the second month. Did you have New Year resolutions and have you been able to stick to them?

Mayowa: I won’t really say I had one. I stopped making New Year resolutions last year when I saw that I never kept to them.

Mobolaji: Oh that’s interesting. So what is your opinion on New Year resolutions generally? Any tips, advice or information for our efamily?

Mayowa: New Year Resolutions are nice in that they make us feel like we will start off our year doing some particular things, adopting some attitudes and dropping some. And when we keep to them for the first few weeks, we feel we have achieved. But give it some time and many of us drop our resolutions. I can start a New Year everyday by choosing to do something different (that will lead me closer to my long and short term goals) and also by choosing to be persistent and consistent. So I don’t place so much value on New Year Resolutions. If you really want to do something and change somethings, you will do it regardless of whether or not you set resolutions.
This does not mean I don’t support having set goals for the year, but I won’t really classify them as resolutions.

Mobolaji: Thank you dear! That was helpful. Mayowa, you’re a blogger and actually an author. Tell us about your book.

Mayowa: My book, ‘It’s your life to lead’ is an inspirational book intended to wake us up and make us stop sleep walking through life. There are nine chapters which addresses different topics that I think are important for leading our lives well. That is, taking charge of our lives and giving our dreams a fighting chance.

Mobolaji: So, how may we get a copy?

Mayowa: The physical copy can be gotten from Abuja (Apo Sparklight Plaza, Opposite Living Faith Church, Area 1, Durumi. 07052690051) and Lagos (13, Osho Street, Opebi Oregun Link Road, Ikeja. 07052690051).
The Ebook can be gotten from Amazon.

Mobolaji: That’s awesome. So, this writing of a thing, how did it all begin for you? Have you always thought you’d write books and blog someday?

Mayowa: Honestly, I have not always thought I would write books and blog. Books started looking like it at some point, but blogging was never part of the plan. A friend pushed me to start a blog, infact he opened it for me. Writing began in Secondary school as a way of killing boredom in boring classes. Friends would read my jotter and before I knew it, my writing was becoming known in my set as people would always come for my jotter to read a story. That was what really gingered the writer in me.

Mobolaji: oh oh, great stuff! People say anyone can be a writer, do you agree?

Mayowa: I actually do agree.

Mobolaji: (Laughs). I actually think anyone can be a writer, but most people are lazy to put words together, while some feel inadequate to write something anyone will be interested in. Let’s move to much deeper stuff. How did you meet Christ?

Mayowa: I met Christ in my mother’s womb. Lol! I grew up in a Christian home and so Christ was always there. But apart from growing up in a Christian home, I loved Christ for me. But growing up made me start losing sight of Christ a bit, but I still loved him then. So really, I met Christ through my parents’ lives.

Mobolaji: So, since then, how has it been? Have there been bad and hard days, or all has been rosy with Christ?

Mayowa: There has definitely been days where I felt like God was not funny. But God has been really kind to my family and I. I have had more rosy than bad with Christ. And God himself has helped me during the bad to know that I will come forth as gold. Christ is bae.

Mobolaji: Let’s talk about evangelism. What are your thoughts on it and do you believe Christians are doing enough to let people know about Christ?

Mayowa: We definitely have to evangelise. It’s one of the things God has asked us to do. Unfortunately, not many, especially younger generation Christians are doing much because the world is pulling many so fast. And the church is now also getting itself involved in less important things that make evangelism sometimes suffer. We, including myself are not doing enough. The most important thing for me is to let my life reflect Christ.

Mobolaji: So, you have like a personal evangelism style? We all definitely need to incorporate that into our lives. A friend once told me that unbelievers go all out to invite us to the club, but we’re not so adamant with them for Church and Christ. Is it true?

Mayowa: I don’t actually one. I agree with your friend. Alot of us need that holy boldness and wisdom to be adamant with unbelievers.

Mobolaji: I’m about to burst your bubble. I know you’re currently in a relationship. Will you describe it as a God centred partnership?

Mayowa: It definitely is. Ecclesiastics 4: 9 -12 is our anchor scripture. The Holy Spirit is the first partner and we are the other two partners.

Mobolaji: So, what are the things and boundaries that you both have put in place not to slip? Please, share.

Mayowa: We try not to meet in a closed place, especially when emotions are heightened. And if we are meeting in doors, someone should atleast be there. So the flesh doesn’t start overtaking the spirit. Lol. We pray together and because we are both crazy readers, we kind of make sure we are reading things that are moving us forward as individuals and as a couple and as Christians as well.

Mobolaji: Is it one leading to marriage, even if not right now. I ask this because we were once asked in my school fellowship how many people were dating someone they couldn’t marry, and many ladies put their hands up. It amazed me because as Christians, relationships should not be to joke and waste one another’s time. Any thoughts on that?

Mayowa: It’s leading to marriage, God willing. Ain’t nobody got time to be playing around. Honestly, if he is not the kind of person you can marry, then why are you dating him in the first place?! Relationships matter alot to God because it’s a bond. I always tell people that now that Akinwale and I have decided to be one, God regards us as one (doesn’t me I am still not my person with God and all). And because of that oneness and peace, God is able to move easily in our individual lives.

Mobolaji: ok, let’s leave you to rest on boy talk. Are there any significance of having the right friends? If so, please share with our efamily how you connected with yours and their impact on your walk with God.

Mayowa: Friends are too important. I addressed that alot in my book. Friends can finish you or help build you up. If I can’t talk to you about God, then it’s not really friendship in the true sense. So I pray about people i meet and for me, I am able to see this person whose life Christ is reflected in and sometimes, it’s from having peace while talking to a person that I know this can be a friend.

Mobolaji: Interesting! In conclusion, any movies or books you would like to share with the house that can help us with our faith, relationship, school or general life walk.

Mayowa: my book, ‘IT’S YOUR LIFE TO LEAD’ *smiles*.
The purpose driven life by Rick Warren
Woman, thou art loosed by TD Jakes.
The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho
And the shofar blew by Francine Rivers.
So many great books out there.

Mobolaji: Thanks again! We love you.

Mayowa: Thank you so much. Much love.

Mobolaji: Stay blessed and in grace.

That’s it for today! I hope you were blessed by joining us with our session with Mayowa!

I’m seriously enjoying being an interviewer because it allows me to know people more!

Like, how Mayowa said there’s a word for her relationship! For everything and situation in our lives, there must be a backup of God’s word!

Thank you again Mayowa for sharing these beautiful words with us. It’s been a pleasure knowing you! Your blog is amazing. Mayowa blogs at Mateyscott.com, if you’ve been looking for more wholesome space on the internet, then subscribe to her blog and get uplifiting posts.

You guys, the internet can be used to our benefit if we’re serious. Mayowa and I connected on Twitter as bloggers, and it’s been beautiful getting to know her.

Who are you connecting with?

What are you using your internet to do?

There are so many videos on how to make things (bake, sew, cook, etc!) There are online courses too; are you investing in yourself or downloading porn.

You better watch ‘War Room’ and send the devil out of your phone! Declare that Jesus is the new manager of your phone so no profanity can dwell there.

Ok, I don’t know where that came from, but I’m sure it’s for somebody!

Show some love in the comment section!

You can get “It’s your life to lead” here and here. Invest in yourself!

Love always,



  • Loooved this interview with Mayowa!
    Didn’t know babe is in a relationship oh..maybe I must have seen somewhere and missed it?
    Well, glad it’s founded on Christ…wouldn’t have expected less 🙂

    Congrats on “it’s your life to lead”…more oncoming!!!

  • Oladejo Emmanuel Oluwatimilehin

    hmmmm….i have found out that the bed rock of every relayionship is Jesus…..

    I stumbled on Mayowa’s book far back 2015 in the church office as an office assistance….i.mean FOGC….i read her book in pastor Mrs office while cleabing her office….but was secret and it wasnt something people are aware of…….i could read at least a chapter everyday….i.was intrigued by her knowledge and since then i have been following her to at least see her updates…..

    Though i am a ypyng passionate writer too who writes generally about society….and as a sociologist and God’s lover i.was encouraged…….

    her writes up is very nice and knowledgeable…..

    its better we all know Gid at our tender age so as to live in his love at all time…..


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