Interview with Itunu Baby!

Interview with Itunu Baby!


Mobolaji: Hey sis!  So glad to have you on the hot seat today!
Itunu: Haha @hot seat. You never cease to amaze me. Thank you Bolaji for inviting me here.
Mobolaji: Welcome. Welcome! I am sure this time with you will be such a blessing to us all.

Itunu: I do hope so.

Mobolaji: I like to beat around the bush most times, but let’s go straight into deep things. Lol. How did Jesus capture your heart?

Itunu: *chuckles about deep things* Uh, well I think I’m one of those people Jesus has been chasing since forever.

I’ve been on a journey all my life from going for altar calls almost every weekday service when I followed my mum to church, till when she laughed and told me one does not give her life to Christ more than once.

I knew I loved Jesus, I had heard so many things about Him but I didn’t really know Him. At a time He felt like a distant figure and a close figure all at once and I just couldn’t grasp it. I think somethings in my life also held me back.

I was scared of what getting close to Him would cost me as I grew older. Though I still talked about Jesus and was often seen as a ‘Christian’ back in Uni, there was a part of my heart I still wanted to hold on to. Part of my dreams I felt if I gave it to him, he would probably ruin it..*coversface and shakes my head.*

I can’t imagine how silly our flesh thinks and I let it get the best of me. But now that I have tasted Jesus and seen Him to be good, the bread of life that I just can’t get enough of, I’m like, ‘wow, you taste so good, can I have more of you please..haha.’

Seriously I look back and wonder what really took me so long and would really love people to see that loving and trusting Jesus is the best thing that can ever happen to mankind.
Mobolaji: Wow. I love love stories! Especially the Jesus ones. I agree that many of us hold back because we think Jesus might ruin all our plans. *LOL*

So, has it always been a love-love relationship, or love-hate existed too?
Itunu: Ah, to be honest, there have been phases in my life where I cried out like, do you really love me?! Do you? And I just concluded somewhere in my heart that he didn’t and maybe I was just looking for something to grasp unto, especially when I used to battle depression in those days a lot. So yea, love-hate existed too.
Mobolaji: Hmm. Is that why you write about Him so much? Can’t you even try to be quiet? Or being quiet is difficult?


Itunu: Haha, being quiet became much more difficult as I drew closer to God. The Israelites ate manna and didn’t know what they were eating. I’m eating the bread of life, I’m drinking living water and you tell me to be quiet.

The thing hasn’t started ‘sweeting’ you yet if it’s still doing you one kind to write or talk about God. Haha, let me put it that way.

Honestly, the whole writing about Jesus on my blog wasn’t intentional. I remember even writing a story on Universe and magic.., that kind of thing. I really wanted to have my own way with my stories and maybe just squeeze in God somewhere somehow but viola! Jesus comes, takes my breath away and explodes all over my blog. I can’t contain him and I can’t contain it.
Mobolaji: Ahh! So true. Sometimes, I tell myself that I haven’t even tweeted about anyone other Jesus in a while. Lol. But then I agree that Jesus does that to us all. You write awesome articles. I particularly love your fiction. Where do you get your inspiration?
Itunu: All inspiration is from God. Fiction and non-fiction. I knew God gave me a writing talent which got unleashed around age 9 or 10, not sure but I didn’t really know it would come to be this way. He makes me see things that might not stand out to others and in my head, it’s like I have many tabs open all at once. I have to tell myself to calm down so that I don’t get swallowed by my stories because I remember I used to find solace in them before and the tendency to go back to that is high. When I write, it’s like I’m in a different world and a different life altogether. I remember when I was a teenager and I was writing a story. It got so bad that I actually forgot the date and time of reality. I was mixing up the timeline of my story with real life. Terrible something.
So yea, writing is a beautiful thing when God is the one inspiring the talent he has deposited in you and you use it for His glory.
Mobolaji: Oh really, but how do you combine your blog with all other activities. Aren’t you too busy to own a blog?
Itunu: Ah, sometimes busy doesn’t cut it. Lol. And this can wear me down sometimes. It’s my passion for Jesus that compels me to write. It takes hours to carve out conversations in a way that makes it real and I have to think, rub my mind, imagine what it feels like to respond..etc

Infact, I’ve always wished I would get paid to write honestly. Lol. But I believe God wants it to be this way for now. The way He works with me, he doesn’t show me everything. All I just do is trust. So if His will is for me to continue in the Pharmacy profession while this goes on, then I’ll keep leaning into Him for grace and strength.
Mobolaji: Love it! Sometimes I wake and remember- Wait, today is Monday??? And no post yet. Lol. Many days I’m tempted to just stop it all. Like, who sent me? Has that ever happened to you?
Itunu: Ah yes. I remember going AWOL (absent without official leave) recently because I was so occupied with a program and work and everything just felt unbearable. I wanted to quit honestly. I felt-  well, I have a life too na. Did I come to serve people ni? Lol. Till Jesus spoke to me and I was like..’Okay.lol’
Mobolaji: Lol. Thanks for being real. Your blog is so welcoming and you have that big sister feel to it that makes everyone want to share stuff with you. How would you describe your style of writing?
Itunu: Organic. Some people have the plot from the beginning to the end in their head or in their diary somewhere but that’s something that doesn’t really work with me. I think we just have to know ourselves.

I write trusting the inspiration to come and so I’m just there, knowing that before Monday hopefully, something will pop up and I’ll write. If it’s refusing to come, I just mumble a prayer and take a step, type something at least. And God never disappoints as he just takes over.
Mobolaji: I agree…He never disappoints. When did you realize- “Oh, shoot, I’m a writer!”
Itunu: I’ve always loved stories and storytelling. From saying them, retelling them to reading and watching them and then my primary school friend back then wrote a story and I was like, ‘I think I can do that too.’ Haha, I think it just came up one day and I’m like- oh my! I am a writer. Like, can you imagine that Itunu?
Mobolaji: Interesting. Do you believe everyone is a writer then?
Itunu: Uh, not really. I think people can write but might not be good at telling a story. I also think vice versa can happen. Thing is know what you can do and hone your craft if need be.
Mobolaji: I think the important thing is for people to know what they do!

I love how you write love stories that glorify God! It makes one know it’s possible to honour God in a relationship. Tell us, what’s your take on relationships? Can people really stay chaste?
Itunu: Yea, I believe people can stay chaste.
Mobolaji: Ghenghen! What about all these people saying they’d not even kiss before marriage. Do you think it’s possible?
Itunu: Haha, you sha want to get gist from me. Well, God has been like my bodyguard in terms of relationships because he just always prevents me from having relationships that may end up toxic for me or they just end someway somehow.

Yes, it is possible if you tell God about it and He sees your heart. It may be hard but I think I’d like to save my lips for one person only and on the beautiful day when we are joined together. Kiss is mentioned in the bible as something precious and I’ve always imagined kissing Jesus. Hehe.

I believe it is an affectionate gesture meant for a bride and her groom just like us and Jesus.
Mobolaji:  See illustration! I definitely agree. Thank you for this awesome words. Ok. Back to writing. Do you believe that blogging enhanced your writing?
Itunu: Yes I do. I remember looking back at somethings I wrote some years back and I cringe because I’m like, ‘eek, Itunu what were you thinking or writing. Haha. So yea, there’s a good side to blogging afterall.
Mobolaji: True! So, has it been worth it at all? The ideas, long writings and posts; have they been worth it? Any benefit of blogging so far?
Itunu: Well, for God’s kingdom I believe it has been worth it. I might not reap physical rewards yet, but I know the joy and fulfilment I get when I see young women who reach out to me through mails or send encouraging words of how my story blessed their lives or prevented them from making a terrible mistake or most importantly, on loving God. So I’m like, if I die at this point, I know I have touched lives with what God has given me and I’m not hoarding his talent like the wicked servant.
Mobolaji: I agree. Thanks so much for making out time to be here. We connected through blogging, and I’m super glad about that.
Itunu: Yea!! I remember you were the loyal commenter that used to follow Dear Diary and I was like, who’s this chic. lol You sounded so bubbly and I was like, let me even check out your blog. I’m glad I did as you’ve been a blessing.
Mobolaji: Aww. *Blushing*

Anything you’d like to share before you leave? Especially for anyone struggling to maintain a relationship with God.
Itunu: God loves you. He is crazy about you, madly in love with you. If you were the only one that needed saving, He would have come anyway.

He saw your end from the beginning, saw your flaws and all your shortcomings and still put his love on the line. You need to come to terms with it.

Yes. Sit down and bask in this. Relish the thought each and everytime. Infact when the enemy comes with words of discouragement, rub it in his face well. When you’re done, take up the sword and fight the good fight of faith. The sword is His word.
Mobolaji: The good fight of faith! God bless you.

Thanks so much for that. Can we take a selfie now?
Itunu: *covers face* Me that I’m shy. Okay.

Mobolaji: Lol. Love you sis. Stay awesome.


I hope this blessed you the way it blessed me?

Thank you again, Itunu! Continue to burst with grace and live for Christ!

I love Itunu baby(lol) and how she’s so simple but wise. From a commenter on her blog, to meeting up and becoming friends…♡ I particularly like that she’s a pharmacist that writes!

If you like Fiction the way I do, her blog myglowingscenes.com is the home for captivating Fiction that puts Christ at the center.

See, this God distributes gifts the way He wants and our part is to use them to glorify Him.

These interviews have been awesome and they allow me know more about the writers. It’s beautiful that each one has their unique writing style, all to God’s glory!

Please, leave comments to let us know what you’ve learned from today’s Writers Connect!

Your thoughts are like (Nigerian) Jollof rice and we like reading them.

Stay fantastic during the weekend.

See you on Monday.

Love always,



  • I love Itunu and her beautiful stories that glow just like her! Thank God for blogging, else I may not have met you both and other wonderful writers/bloggers

    Thanks B for interviewing Itunu Baby, now I know a bit more about her, hehe

    Love you both sisters. . Xo

  • Aww, Bolaji oo. Thanks boo. You’re just like a teddybear. hehe. Thanks for interviewing me. And I’m glad I could share bits of myself with you. God bless.

    @Chinyere. Thank you darling. It’s all God. He’s been the one all through and you too are amazing!

  • Didi

    I love ITunu so much.. So many times I’ve read something on.her blog and just knew it was from God to me… She’s one of those people I’ll like to meet..along with you…reading beautiful wings has just helped me really decide that I will never be a godless relationship and the love diaries too..LOVE(God) is.calling.. I know there will be days you won’t feel like blogging but remember there’s a girl somewhere whose decisions that day onward might just be influenced by what you are writing..

    • Aww this came in such a timely way!
      Thank you Did I for this comment. God bless you sis.
      This happened to me today but while praying I felt led to pray for someone I don’t know. And I know today’s post will also be for someone. Can’t wait to share it!

      It’s a privilege connecting with people like us who are sold out to Christ. It’s beautiful to see how we’re all helping ourselves become better believers.
      May we all honour God with our relationships in Jesus name!

      Stay awesome.♥

    • Thank you so much Didi for your kind words. God bless you. I’m glad I can be a blessing. And yes, I’m glad beautiful wings is teaching you not to be in a godless relationship. That’s the whole purpose. Marrying someone that can yield to God and will not be like a goat they’re forcing to obey God when a sheep humbly obeys. Goats and sheep don’t settle. Besides, it makes things easy for us. You can report him to your Daddy God if he misbehaves knowing He’s the daddy of your spouse/fiance as well. I hope many people can come to see this and the purpose of the Love diaries as well.

      Much love dear. xoxo!

  • Beautiful interview… And even more beautiful comments.
    The love and passion emanating from you ladies is just so real… could almost cut through it with a knife! It’s beautiful and refreshing seeing young people who are totally sold out to God and living to please Him… That’s the very thing my heart yearns for!
    I’m glad to have met (though not physically) you lot – Itunu, Bolaji, Frances, et al through blogging…
    God bless you all real good.

  • aramide

    Lovely interview, so lively felt like i was there with you ladies.
    Bolaji referred me to your blog when i asked why she stopped her fiction, and i fell in love with the blog immediately especially the soul food and beautiful wing series.

    what makes me happy is seeing the love, friendship amongst “christian ” blogger, instead of jealousy, rivalry etc what we see is each person gladly working where God has placed them and truly happy that in whatever mean the gospel is being spread. Frances, Itunu, Bolaji, Distinguished, Amakamedia thumbs up to you girls.

    Now i really want to meet Bolaji and Itunu and am so hoping you attend TWTW meet so we can have you and get more inspiration, revelations etc.

    Love you girls already.

    • Oh, you weren’t here? I thought we were live on TV na?
      Lol. Don’t mind me Aramide.

      Plus, I told you you’d love Beautiful Wings and every post from Itunu.
      I’m so thankful we’re don’t breeding Christian bloggers that are jealous and envious of one another o.
      God has called us all as part of His body, all we have to do it do our part!

      Can’t wait for the next TWTW o! God keep us, then I’d give you a long sweet hug! Lol. 💚
      And we love you too…

    • Aww, thank you Aramide for your beautiful comment. God bless you and may his face shine upon you. lol@TV bolaji mentioned. She’s funny like that.

      Ahh, yes o. God has taught me that my gra gra won’t get him to reveal anything to me so I should mellow and trust in Him even when I can’t see the next stage or know what the season holds for me. lol.
      Thanks dear. xo!

  • aramide

    My long story made me forget this part, as i got to “the way He works with me, He doesn’t show me everything. All i do is just trust”. I had to pause and say a quick prayer that God should strip me off everything i still hold on to and He should help me trust Him fully.

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