Interview with Dami: A classmate rained abuses on me because of the gospel.

Interview with Dami: A classmate rained abuses on me because of the gospel.



Mobolaji: Hello Dami! Thanks for making out time to grant this interview.
Dami: Delighted.
Mobolaji: Please, Help us know you a little more. Who’s Dami?
Dami: I like to see myself as God’s beloved. I know that sounds farfetched but for me this is my entire reality. As a writer, poet, student or what not, I consider myself to be God’s own.

Mobolaji: Awesome. We like gist on omobolaji.com. Tell us about your salvation story.
Dami: After a series of altar calls, where the fear of hell was put in me, I finally found God, or rather God found me in Junior Secondary School. I was in Bible Society and one of my seniors led us in prayer to receive the baptism of the Spirit. It was an awesome experience. Truth be told, I had a very torrid childhood. But in the midst of it, in the midst of all the petty theft, fights with parents and all, God was right there. I had an early revelation of the Grace of God and this was demonstrated in the way my parents treated me. It was and still is unbelievable. But perhaps that is a story for another time.
Mobolaji: Aww. I sincerely think all salvation stories are love stories. Has it been worth it as a guy, following Jesus?
Dami: Beautiful!
Mobolaji: Does this mean you didn’t lose anything?
Dami: Well. Not really. I had a lot of people who stopped talking to me. I remember one time a classmate rained abuses on me because of the gospel. It has not been rosy but hey! I have the Rose of Sharon by my side. So we dey alright.
Mobolaji: I felt like a poem almost dropped from that answer. Lol.

Time to bring out my stalker side. I followed you on twitter because of your love for God. To be honest, one time I thought- ‘This guy ONLY talks about Jesus on his timeline sha..’ Lol. Anyway, I found out you had written a book- Cookies with Christ. Please, tell us about that?
Dami: Well, the book is a compilation of some of my favourite poems. Pieces that had special significance for me in my journey as a young believer.
Mobolaji: Apart from my love for the name of your book, I think the content is even deeper. I haven’t finished reading, but I could sense a strong intimacy with Christ from your book. The words also seemed very personal, why did you decide to write the book?
Dami: You hit the nail on the head with the words “intimacy with Christ”. I have been saved for a while now and one thing that is clear is that the heart of man is in need of true and honest intimacy. The book is a reflection of my pursuit of love. I came to realize early on that I can never understand love outside the level of my appreciation of the love God has for me. And so the poems (and most of my other writings) are fuelled by this.
Mobolaji: Interesting. How has the response been? Any regrets?
Dami: It has been very interesting though. No regrets YET. LOL.
Mobolaji: Ok. Any plans for more books?
Dami: Well, I am scribbling a little bit here and there. I have plans for more books – they have been published in my head. Haha.
Mobolaji: Thank you. Enough about writing. Do you mind sharing some of the challenges young men who are following God wholeheartedly face? We had a male perspective before and will also love to know your thoughts.
Dami: Primarily, I believe there has been a deluge of delusional doctrines in this present age. It is a symptomatic of an age of knowledge which Daniel saw. Many of us are being tossed to and fro by every fancy teaching. So we hardly see men who are driven by compassion, or who are faithful stewards in God’s house.
Mobolaji: What then will you advise guys?
Dami: Come to my church. Lol. But really, we need a coming together of men. We need to charge ourselves and stir ourselves unto Good works. Find a mentor (a teacher of the word). Find brothers that you can and will pray with, preach with and pursue ministry with.
Mobolaji: Awesome. Concerning guy-girl relationships, do you think it is possible to just be friends with the opposite sex?
Dami: It is possible. Afterall it would be fallacy to think that I can and should marry every one. Paul had ladies in his ministry team.
Mobolaji: What’s your idea of a God-centred relationship?
Dami: Well, God is in the centre. As a guy (though I make mistakes a lot) there is a fragment of scripture that comes to mind anytime I meet a lady – she’s God’s garden, a well-watered garden.
Mobolaji: The way I love that answer! Do you believe everyone has ‘the one’ destined for them, or it’s a myth?
Dami: I think that is the stuff of poetic minds. Adam was the only one who had the “one” and she was pretty much the only one available.
Mobolaji: We understand that there’s intense pressure on believers these days to join the status quo, what will you advice guys to do?
Dami: Look to Jesus.
Mobolaji: What about the ladies?
Dami: Look to Jesus.
Mobolaji: Ok. Thank you for your time and answers! I’m sure everyone who reads will have a lesson or two to share.
Dami: Thank you for having me.



Can you believe that I forgot yesterday was the last Friday of the month? That means this post should have been up yesterday.

I hope you were blessed by this interview? I’m glad we’ve kept to the Writer’s Connect from the beginning of the year. I learn new lessons from every interview and hope you do too.

You can download ‘Cookies with Christ’ on Okadabooks or on Dami’s bio, follow him @dami_maverick on twitter.

God bless.

Love always,





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