I Used to Steal My Mum’s Money (#MyLifeBeforeTheCross)

I Used to Steal My Mum’s Money (#MyLifeBeforeTheCross)

Hey hey hey!

I needed to share about #MyLifeBeforeTheCross today (my testimony of Jesus) because Word on The Streets (@wotsgospel) is celebrating 3 years.

I started out writing what I thought I needed to share, but somehow everything changed. God reminded me of things that had happened in my past, not to condemn me, but to remind me of His saving grace.

I was writing the article in a bus and got teary-eyed when I got to a part where I shared about how I abused a classmate who fell and injured his eye-brow. I asked him if he was blind instead of saying things to soothe his pain.

#MyLifeBeforeTheCross was a mess.

I was covetous, mean, rude, unforgiving, malicious and generally sinful.

When I see people sharing about how they were bullied before Christ came and gave them confidence, I feel sad because I was the bully. I felt I was just ‘real’, but I was flat out rude and proud.

Anyway, back to the post I shared on my Social Media, I talked about the fruit of my spirit before Christ turned my life around. I mentioned malice, unforgiveness; and then I got to stealing and hesitated. I didn’t want to expose myself in that way. I used to steal my mum’s money from her shop and use it to buy Airtime and unnecessary things. I had friends who would call me and ask me to send them Credit, I’ll take my mum’s money, buy it for them and send.

I didn’t see it as stealing at the time, but God had been asking me to tell my mum and apologize about it. I felt too ashamed to do so even though I knew my mum would forgive me. The guilt ate me up and I refused to tell her about it. I however knew I had to tell her before I posted about the stealing online.

Isn’t it amazing that the devil thinks he can accuse us even when Jesus has made us righteous?

I was still in that place of guilt and God was calling me out of it. I called my mum this morning and told her and she forgave me immediately. I got a bit emotional talking to her, but she ended up encouraging me and saying she was proud and happy that Jesus saved me.

After almost 4 years of being saved, it was today that I saw that I hadn’t forgiven myself of somethings. There’s this image I found of me at a club in a short dress and I’ve been hesitant to share it. Meanwhile, God has redeemed me from the shame of the past.

I love my journey with God, how He doesn’t give me more than I can handle at a time. He knows when to shed things off me and doesn’t point a finger with accusations. He changes me layer after layer and I am grateful to be so loved by the Master.

I am called.





All without my effort.

It’s just amazing.


Love and light,




How was your life before the cross?

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