• Thanks for sharing Bolaji! And well done on obeying God to preach in the bus (your other post)
    As for the long IG post, I can relate with that thought. Even my blog posts. Sometimes I would try so hard to try and fix it within some word limits but after a while, I let go. I believe that those who need it will read it as you’ve stated. Sometimes the tendency to listen to our flesh (what people would think) is heavy, but I’m learning to overcome and do it anyway. It’s not about the likes or anything similar, but getting the message out there. The seed will surely fall into someone’s heart aka fertile soil. Ours is just to obey.
    We learn everyday, and I’m grateful to God that He never tires of us. Xx

    • I’m learning daily as well!

      I read a part of the Bible today that stood out for me. God didn’t intend for the people of Israel to have Kings, but a time came that they said they wanted a King by force because their neighbours had Kings who went to war for them.
      Meanwhile, God’s will had been to be their King, not man.

      It just shows how dangerous it is to try to be or act like others. And how we can easily fall into obeying what people say over what God says.

      It’s never going to be about the likes as you’ve said, but that as writers, we obey God to share what He wants (no matter the length) because at the end, He knows who needs to read it.

      Thanks for sharing Itunu!

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