How to stand for someone who’s being mistreated at work

How to stand for someone who’s being mistreated at work

Have you ever had to stop workplace bullying or speak up to inappropriate gestures at work?

How did you handle it?

Here are ways to help someone who’s being mistreated at work:


Assume responsibility for not only your own health and wellbeing but also that of other people you work with. Care when someone is being mistreated and make it your responsibility to take a stand.


Let people know how their behaviour impacts other people. As tempting as it may be, staying silent is never a good choice when the wellbeing of people is being undermined. It can take a great deal of courage, but it’s critical that you find the strength to voice your concerns.


Honesty is critical to building awareness and influencing the behaviour of a bully. Clearly communicate what behaviour needs to stop and request that happen immediately. Avoid lowering the standard of your own behaviour – don’t yourself become rude or aggressive.


If you don’t feel comfortable or able to challenge a bully directly, ask for support from your manager, a colleague or HR. It can be difficult, but it’s important you don’t leave bullying unaddressed for fear of confronting the issue.


If you can’t get the workplace bullying to stop, there’s no shame in the person resigning. It will be better for their mental and emotional health and career in the long run. (HRMOnline)

Have you ever had to stand for someone who couldn’t stand for themselves at work?

How did you handle it?

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