How to buy: Our book now in print, on Amazon and PDF.

Hey hey hey!

This post is only one to ease everyone’s access to our book, LETTERS TO OUR FATHERS.

My mum said the owner of the school in our street bought a copy yesterday, finished it and directed someone else to buy. (She said there were few tears too.) And though I wrote (more like contributed) this book from the perspective of a believer, I’m grateful that it is touching unbelievers too.

If you’re in Lagos, call +2348155276897 to know how you can get your copy.



Call +2348025843223 if you’re in Ibadan.



Call +234 810 180 1287 if you’re in Akure.



Buy with a click on Amazon.

(Kindly leave reviews after reading. It encourages others to read.)

Download PDF in 5 minutes here.


People are buying 10 copies to give to young men and Fathers. Buy up to 10 and get discount on each copy.

We want to change homes, and we’re targeting young men and Fathers.

Bronze home-builder: Do you have 10 men around you who need to read this book?

Silver home-builder: Do you have 20 men around you who need to read this book?

Gold home-builder: Do you have 30 men around you who need to read this book?

Send me a mail: and get as high as 20-30% discount if you buy in bulk for friends and family.

Remember that our first aim is to get as many men to read LETTERS TO OUR FATHERS.

We have so many women ministries and it’s time to target our men too. The devil will not prevail over them!

Send a mail and let’s discuss. Especially if you have people around you who you desire to see hunger after the Lord and become deliberate about raising their Children; their daughters.

Thank you efam!

You guys rock.

Love always,


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