Happy New Jesus Year!

Happy New Jesus Year!

Hello friend,

Happy New Year!

I know I know, it’s 7 days already! How can I just be wishing you Happy New Year now; but we’re just 7 days in.

It kinda feels like 2018 is already ‘going’ and before you know it; it’s December 31st again.

Take a moment, imagine it’s already 31st; what do you want to matter to you at that time?

For me, one name comes to mind: Jesus.

I don’t want to have to wait till then to live out for Him; the beauty in that name is that you can take every single day and live it as an offering unto Him.

Let this year be one of surrender and obedience.
Of faithful intimacy with Jesus.
Of openess and vulnerability with Him.
Of telling the world that He is good and comes in to those who open when He knocks.

I pray that you soar like the Eagles in every aspect of your life; especially your walk with Jesus.

And when things get tough, remember the Holy Spirit; our constant friend and comforter, He’s always there to help.

Love and light,

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