Get thee behind me, puffpuff!

Hey hey hey!

A blessed and awesome day to you!
How was Monday? Hope there wasn’t much stress? A friend of mine was telling me about a major traffic she encountered in Lagos. She quickly added that she did not intend to live there. Lol. Mondays are mostly busy days everywhere, though busy has different levels o. Lagos is way up!

Thank you so much for all the love you guys have been showing me! It means a whole lot!
I’m sure some of you might have felt the tempo of the blog drop for some time. The drive dropped from me o. Resuming school added a bit to it too, because I just didn’t know how I was going to manage my time. Thank God for grace though!

I even stopped sending notifications on social networks because it was tiring & I wanted people to subscribe. My eyes opened soon enough though. This blog isn’t about me biko!

I was so moved when my sister(who always asks about bbm notifications so she can rebroadcast) went ahead to broadcast a post by herself. I mean, I hadn’t even been sending anything; but she taking time to write something short to send to her contacts gave me a wake-up call. I just had to learn what was best for me and manage my time!
So, again I say thank you! Thank you for sharing posts and leaving short messages on how a post blessed you. It means the world!

After writing Vision this week, I kept reading and felt like there was something missing in the post. I asked God and He said it was perfectly fine. Only for friends to later send messages on how it helped them. Glory to God really, not me.

Ok, you’re probably wondering why my story is getting long today. Especially as this is only the intro o. Lol. Well, remember that today is Wednesday. Chit-Chat is allowed!
Well, here we go.

God taught me a lesson on Monday morning on my way to school.

I had written the word for the week early Monday morning, but couldn’t post it at the time because of network. I therefore decided to do all I had to do at home fast so that I could get to school earlier than usual and then post it.
On my way to the bus station, I met my classmate who lives close by and we chatted all the way.

However, when we alighted (as my Ghanaian friends will say), she decided to stop by our famous puff puff seller. Though I had stopped eating puffpuff for a while because of my new healthy lifestyle(hope it stays that way). I still wanted to wait for her to finish buying so we could walk to school together. Then, I remembered the reason I had rushed out of the house in the first place; to post Vision before class started.
Immediately, I said “See you later” and briskly walked to school.
What’s my point in sharing this?


Funny how I never thought this post will align with the word for this week sef. I think I almost lost focus of my vision at that time because if I had waited for her, I definitely wouldn’t have been able to post before class started.
What do you allow to distract you from your vision? It doesn’t even have to be something massive, even puffpuff can distract you!

In life, a lot of ‘simple’ but unnecessary things will pose as important; but we’ve got to be watchful.
I’d have enjoyed the company of a friend to school, but that wasn’t the real reason I had left home early. I ended up meeting her in school and had time to spend with her if I wanted to; but I was glad I hadn’t waited with her to buy puffpuff. She didn’t even take offense that I didn’t wait. So,why worry?

Simple story, big lesson!

I sometimes easily get distracted, so I work extra hard to focus on one goal at a time; and I think I succeeded with that on Monday!

Let your vision drive you per time. If you’re going to search for an assignment online, don’t end up watching videos on YouTube (Bolaji, you hear? Lol).

Well, that’s my divorce story with puffpuff right there. I said to it ‘Get thee behind me puffpuff! For I have a post to update!’ Lol

Have a beautiful day today.
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Sounds like promo to me.
Love always,


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