Focus On Results, Not Efforts

Focus On Results, Not Efforts

I used to be the mother of efforts only!

I’ll meet my boss with many (valid) excuses as to why I couldn’t get the work done.

“I tried my best”
“The artisans disappointed me last minute”
“There was a lot of traffic on the way!”

All true and all valid, but was the work done?
Because at the end of the day, that’s the most important thing.

I’m thankful for all the amazing bosses I’ve been privileged to have. They taught me that though they appreciated my effort, it’s the results that really count.

If we’re going to excel, we have to be mothers (and fathers) of actual results, not efforts. “I wanna gonna” is not gonna help you in your career. 😂

When you can show that the work is done, then you have the right to tell us the effort you put in. 👏🏾🎉


What major thing have you learnt from a current or former boss?

Because I have learned sooooo much.
And I’m thankful for their mentorship!

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