Enjoy God When it’s Boring

Enjoy God When it’s Boring

Hey hey hey!

I shared this on my Instagram and thought to also share with the efamily that aren’t on Instagram.

Few hours ago, I told my friend that I felt like my life means more than what I’m currently experiencing. I felt like there was something I should be doing that will mean more than a 9-5.

Then minutes ago, I stumbled on Joseph Solomon’s vlog ‘Enjoy God when it’s boring’ (that’s one Youtuber you should be following!) and I knew it wasn’t a coincidence.

So much has been going on. Many things have changed and trust me, change is hard.

I often itch for the ‘exciting’ stuff in my life. The David killed Goliath kinda scenario, forgetting that David went out that day because he was asked to deliver food to his brothers. He was simply the last born who obeyed his Father. But somehow, before the end of that boring day, he killed Goliath. (To God’s glory, not his!)

I’ve learned that for God to really become my satisfaction, I’ll have to find Him in everything.
Washing plates.
Jumping buses.
Sorting files.
Waking early & returning late.
Writing articles.

I can’t always wait for the ‘big’ things, whatever that even means.
Every exciting story from the Bible was born out of ordinary people, with ordinary days and ordinary schedules.

But, here’s the twist, we don’t serve an ordinary God. So, every day/opportunity we get to have with and in Him is fascinating.
Every simple task is to His glory.

And whether or not I ever get to slay Giants.
Whether or not I get to see a burning bush.
Whether or not I get to see a Jericho wall fall down.
Whether or not I get to run past a chariot.

May I always be satisfied to find Him in my everyday ‘mundane’ tasks, because having Him alone,


After posting this, I read a devotional that made me really think about this post again.

All these names, Enoch, Abraham, Joseph…were everyday people who decided that they were going to live their ‘normal’ lives for God.

Don’t wait for ‘exciting’ moments when you feel the goosebumps. Love and serve God in the mundane.

Knowing that we have Him in our lives should bring excitement to our everyday schedules.

Love and light,



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