Courage To Speak With A Man With Cancer

Courage To Speak With A Man With Cancer

Yesterday (and today), I spoke with a man (Mr. D) at Lekki gate who has a cancerous eye.

I’ve been meaning to speak with him for a while, but usually just dropped money in his bag and walk away. I’ve had the urge to pray for him a couple of times, but I just walk past because I don’t want people to look at me like a weirdo.

But I’ve been reading a life-changing book “One thing you can’t do in heaven” (send a mail if you’ll like to read it) and it has opened my eyes to a lot of things about evangelism.

I approached him yesterday and he shared that he had had a surgery on his eye before but the tumour grew back because it wasn’t properly done. It’s funny because as I spoke to him, I saw that he’s just as human as I am. Many people pass by him because they probably think different things. The first time I saw him there, I honestly had negative thoughts about his eye and thought what he must be going through with a cancerous eye.

Yesterday, he said he’s been trying to save up for a test in Abuja which is about 200K+ before the surgery which will probably be in millions. As we spoke, I noticed that people glanced at us as they walked past, but it didn’t really matter at that point.

I asked what his church family was doing and he said he just joined the church and they’re supporting him with prayers. But honestly, this man needs money; even though prayers are important. The verse that comes to mind is the one about sending people off with prayers when we know that they need food. I tried to find that verse but currently can’t (please, share if you know where it is in the Bible).

This is not to diminish the work of his church because I sincerely don’t know how much they’ve done; but I write this to encourage someone to pray and also DO. There’s a man on Lekki bridge who cleans it every work day (I work in Lekki, so you might be seeing that name a lot). I started greeting him regularly and slowly became his friend. Few weeks ago, I asked if I could bring him uncooked rice since I had a lot at home and he didn’t mind.

The next morning (which was a Friday); as I rushed to leave home; I remembered the rice and thought I could just leave it till Monday. Immediately, this verse flashed in my mind:

[tweetthis remove_url=”true”]Do not say to your neighbor,”Come back tomorrow and I’ll give it to you”,when you already have it with you.[/tweetthis]

Proverbs 3:28

Holy Spirit is so good at this, which is why we should put the Word in because we will definitely need it. Immediately; I knew God wanted me to take that rice and not shift it till Monday.

[tweetthis]Never hold back an act on kindness that you can do right now.[/tweetthis]

Just thought to chip that in; hope you did not get lost with the other story.

Before I left Mr. D (the man who needs surgery), I asked if I could pray with him and he wanted to decline and said ‘I am a prayer warrior’. I pressed on and still prayed though; right in front of that Lekki Phase 1 gate. LOL!

I don’t know the end to this story. I don’t know what role God will have me play in this man’s life; but I am glad I finally spoke to him yesterday.

And just before you think I am a G in this Jesus-walk thing; I didn’t pray before leaving home today, I didn’t preach in the bus I boarded though I knew Holy Spirit wanted me to. H even gave me the topic for the short message: ‘Living in the light of eternity’ and I postponed speaking till I alighted.

Who has God been sending you to?

Who does He want you to reach out to?

You might be the only one who smiles at them, speaks to them; you might be the only one who treats them like a human!

Go out and #TellTheWorld today that Jesus saves.

Be as bold as a Lion in sharing your faith with others.

Remember, we are evangelists.

[tweetthis]He said to them, “Go into all the world and preach the gospel to all creation.[/tweetthis]

Mark 16:15

I am inviting you to an evangelism date on Saturday. Follow @wotsgospelnaija on Instagram or Facebook for details.

Love and light,




If you’ll like to know more about Mr. D and think you can help in anyway, please, let me know. I have his number and we can work something out.

God bless!


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