The essence of strategy is choosing what not to do in your brand or business!

The reason why many entrepreneurs, freelancers, coaches, consultants are burnt out is because they are trying it all! 
Content Creation that increases revenue is not about trying it all, it is about KNOWING and DOING what is best for your target audience. 
Ask the people that get the best results - it is because they have a content strategy that is tailored to them.
Trying to do what everyone else is doing will burn you out.

Do you need a road map on the type of content to create to get tangible results for your brand or business?

There's a lot of information out there on what works and as someone who has created content both for the For-Profit and Non-Profit sector for many years, I've tested numerous content strategies and can say I have found the sweet spot for different industries.

Stop the trial and error. It' s time to experience the real power of creating content the right way for your audience.

Join the 5 Day Content Strategy Challenge Starting Thursday, 30th July, 2020 

In this Content Strategy Challenge, You Will Learn:

  • The number one content creation hack brands like Nike and Apple consistently use to eliminate competition 
  • The copywriting and content marketing strategy you need for business success 
  • How to tell better stories that connect deeply with your audience
  • How to overcome writers block and create your content calendar months ahead

This challenge was designed to provide you with clarity.

From July 30th - August 3rd, you will get an email with a daily prompt containing each day’s task with guidance and tips.

This is for you if you want to get to a point where creating content becomes easy because you know exactly what to do!

Thanks Mo for your classes. I am writing more than before. Video ads, scripts, Ads copy, landing pages and will even be doing newsletters soon. 

And the person I am working for is so happy with my work. He called last weekend just to say thank you for the work I put in.


Past student of my Content Creation Class

Here in South Africa, I can't think of any people that are doing what you are doing. There's a lot of people that are speaking about content creating. They've got podcasts but there's no one teaching content writing so practically! 


Past student of my Content Creation Class

Since I started putting what you taught into action, I've been getting really great results. I'm able to create better content and I get feedback after every post on my blog, it's been amazing and my writing skills are so much better. I'm glad I took the class, thank you for putting out such great content.


Entrepreneur & past student of my Content Creation Class

Thank you, Bolaji.
I learnt so much and the great thing is, I even learnt some things I intend to apply to other aspects of my life/career apart from writing. This was a head reset of some sort and I love it. I'm definitely more inspired to boldly pursue some big goals.


Content Creator & past student of my Content Creation Class

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It's your time. Join us for the FREE 5 Day Content Strategy Challenge to learn how to create effortlessly and persuade your target market with creative content. 

P.S. > Hi! I'm Mo - your challenge host and you can find out more about me here.