Congratulations on Your CV and Cover Letter Revamp

Congratulations on Your CV and Cover Letter Revamp

Guess when I created my CV?

Immediately after I finished Secondary School. Yes, I wasn’t even an undergraduate yet!

My elder sisters talked to me about the importance and helped me create a simple one-paged CV that I used to get my first internship after 100 level.

I know most of us have passed that stage and have already begun life as professionals, but a CV revamp is never out of place. I audit myself often and make sure I tweak my CV and Cover Letters to specific opportunities.

That’s why I was so happy to see you subscribe to the e-fam!

Congratulations to the first five people who took this opportunity – David O, Kayode A, Damilola B, Simi A, Solomon L.

Awesome way to start the year! I’ll be reaching out to you any moment from now.

Thank you and let’s ride!

Love and Light,


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