Christmas has passed, but can Santa please stay?

Christmas has passed, but can Santa please stay?

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Most times, I make the mistake that everyone on the blog is friends with me on social media but that’s not true. I share articles I don’t often share here (see why you should connect with me apart from here?)

I shared this article last week and it got a lot of people thinking, so I’m sharing it here too. It is useful to us all, even if you’re not a social entrepreneur.

Here it is:
I found out I was a volunteer about two years ago because I noticed how my heart beat different when I was out helping others. I started sleeping with something close to ‘fulfillment’ in my heart. I say ‘I found out’ because I’ve always probably been one but I needed to realize that life was really not all about me; there were people who needed any help I could render in their communities.

In 2017, I want you to also ‘find out’ that you’re a volunteer and please, don’t wait till the end of the year to get to work. Watching the news alone will show you that this world is a mess and needs a little more love everyday.

I remember one day I was upset and was having a really tough day. A stranger smiled at me and it changed my mood for the day and gave me hope again. Volunteer your smile in 2017.

When people hear ‘volunteer’, they have the perception that they’d have to do rigorous work in an unknown village, when really, it can start from your house or your immediate environment.

It saddens me that Santa (Father Christmas) comes only once a year, during the festive Christmas season and leaves until the following year. And unknown to us, many of us have also become Santa- who help people and give only at the end of the year. When these people need help all year round.

I heard a funny statement that people send food to orphanages during Christmas probably because they assume the children are fasting throughout the year and eat only at the end of year.

Nigeria needs you, Santa, from January to December.
Send something to the IDP camps.
Buy notebooks for the little boy in your street whose mother says she can’t afford it.
Sponsor a child to school.
Celebrate your birthday by giving or in an orphanage.
Say a word of prayer for people whose lives are engulfed with everyday disasters; people who don’t even know what it means to have a ‘normal’ day.

Just before your roll your eyes and remind me that the economy is not good and you have to fend for yourself; I agree.
I agree that you need to ‘fend’ for yourself, I’m only asking that you remember someone while doing so.

Not only someone who you want a contract from or who can even thank you…
Give to people who might not be able to ever thank you for it.

That cause or program on your heart, why are you so afraid to start it?
Why not start a legacy today?

No, don’t wait till the end of the year because Nigeria, and the whole world needs you and Santa throughout the year.


Light and love,




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  • This got me r0ally thinking, I’ve also heard that report from orphanages that people give most during the festive period Christians and Muslims alike, we need to show more love cos this people have needs that run throughout the year and not just at christmas. God help me to do my own part.

    • Amen. Do your own part sis and make God proud. We don’t have to wait till the end of the year to do the little we can do…we can do something throughout the year to make someone else’s life better.😘❤

  • Oluwatosin

    Thanks ma’am for the wake up call towards giving helping hands to the people in need. I pray for grace to see opportunities to help and the ability to. God bless you more.

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