Changing Perspectives: You hold the key to your happiness.

Good Thursday! (I tried to send this in yesterday, network didn’t permit me to.)

I hoped to post this yesterday, so please pardon my tenses. Thanks.

Hope you’ve enjoyed the week so far?
Mine has been good! And it’s not that anything spectacular happened, but that I’ve made up my mind to see the beauty of God in everything!

I learned a lesson yesterday and I’m about to share it with you.

Thanks to awesome books like “Living beyond your feelings” by Joyce Meyer that taught me that God has given me the power to live beyond my feelings. I don’t pass the test every single time, but I think I passed it yesterday.

As I said in The Word- Chase; my sister got married on Saturday. If you’re accustomed with Nigerian weddings, then you know we go all out! Ours was a mid-sized Nigerian wedding, but the work behind it was not midsize!

We actually told my sister to do a small wedding but because she’s the first to have a wedding in my house, it was practically impossible.
Our parents invited the whole world so many people. Some from the village that we’ve never even met before.

Anyways, I stayed with my other sisters after the wedding and returned home on Monday after work. Little did I know that real work was waiting for me at home.

I had secretly thought that the house will be sparkling clean, since I got home two days after the wedding and every visitor had left. But I was wrong.

The site of the kitchen made me go and sit quietly in my room. I normally gist with my mum before bed, but not this time.

I slept with the hope that my mum will help clean it small, but I knew she was going out, so it wasn’t possible.

I woke the next morning very defensive. My mum’s sister was still around so she helped to stay at my mum’s shop. The shop is connected to the house.

Instead of me to be kind to her iya oni iya that was only helping, I was carrying a long face about, using the excuse that I would be late for work with all the chores I had to do.

There was no one else to clean with me. I was pissed and was saying to myself “Me that I know I’m not so organized, I’m still not as bad as my mum! See how she left the kitchen for someone. And she knows I have to go to work. It’s not fair..this and that.”
I was having a one man pity party.

But guess what! My mood changed in a minute!

I had read last week on the daily devotion I get from Proverbs 31 ministries about a mother who decided to see the mess in her house caused by her children as a gift. Instead of being angry about how they scattered the house, she chose to be happy that she even had her children. The mess will be a memory when they’re grown and she’s alone.

And do you know that as I cleaned the kitchen, I started to sing. From the spirit of pride and anger, I switched to joy and gratitude. As I sang, tears flowed.

Because when my mum isn’t around anymore many years from now o, the cleaning will add to my memory of her.
Because if God hadn’t been so faithful through the wedding, I wouldn’t have had to clean.
Because if we didn’t have shelter, there wouldn’t be any need to clean.
Because if I didn’t have work, I wouldn’t have had to go anywhere.
Because if God didn’t keep us, we wouldn’t be able to clean.

Can anyone clean from the grave?

I became grateful. I took the cleaning as a privilege instead of unfairness.

Whereas; I always get to work early, so being late for a day wouldn’t hurt so much.


I learned yesterday that I could take the key of my happiness from the devil anytime I wanted!
I could be as happy as I wanted if I simply changed my perspective of looking at things and situations.

You too can be as happy as you’d like. Simply switch your emotions and align your feelings to the frequency of gratefulness.
Don’t let pride kill your joy.

Only you holds the key to your happiness.

I was then glad to prepare tea and bread for my mum’s elder sister; we call her Mummy Ibadan. 🙂
I was also glad to make tea for my mum’s friend that came to the shop as I dropped Mummy Ibadan’s food. Until she said she didn’t come for the wedding reception and requested for bread and stew as well.

Lol, I’m kidding.

All I’m saying is this- You can be as happy as you want to be, only if you change how you look at things!

Stay blessed people!

I love love love you guys!

Thanks to everyone who reads, comments, shares and encourages.

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You silent readers, I love you!

I think I might be late for work today too, but this time the reason is over sleeping.


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